Sunday, April 15, 2012

The Flame Towers

I have come across a most enthralling building.

Two of them, actually.  They are called The Flame Towers and they are located in Baku, Azerbaijan.  My introduction to them came by way of an MSNBC article on how Azerbaijan has become a sort of "Casablanca" in terms of spies as the nation borders Iran, a palladium for the interests of the US and Israel.  The theme of the article isn't what did it for me, it was the buildings.

Azerbaijan is currently undergoing a renaissance of sorts.  The mood and the feel of the country has been compared to the cultural boom of Dubai in the United Arab Emirates, a city with its own massive tower.  The Flame Towers weigh in at a cost of $650 million dollars and rise to a height of 620 feet.  They are three-sided and entirely glass on the outside.  Their curved appearance is meant to guessed it...flames as Azerbaijan has ancient association with fire.  Just what that is I don't know.

Doesn't matter.  The buildings are most fetching.  Sure, sure, Human Rights Watch has reported that thousands of people were evicted from their homes in order for the buildings to be built.  I certainly don't want to seem supportive of that but we did the same in New York City to build the UN building. 

I'm wondering if there is space available on the top floor of one of the towers?  I'd love to run my blog from that location.  Why stop there?  I'll have all of Murphy's Law move in and we'll establish our head office in the Towers.  You know who you are ML and the rest of you will know us soon enough.  I for one think that a wavy-shaped tower of steel and glass would fit us just perfectly.

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