Sunday, April 8, 2012

The "Page Three Girl" test

Consider this my little social experiment.

Blogger allows me to track the number of hits each of my particular posts gets.  The oracles who specialize in marketing writing preach that a blogger should be most watchful of this data and gear his/her posts towards the subject matters that receive the most hits.  I have zero desire to do this as I refuse to be painted into a corner of subject matter, however it has given me an idea.  I wish to test a hypothesis.  Namely...

If I appeal to the lowest common denominator, then will I receive more hits?

Toward that purpose, I am adopting the "Page Three Girl" experiment.
Page Three Girls were topless models that appeared guessed three of the British tabloid The Sun.  Sorry, fellas.  None of my posted models will be nude.  This is a semi-family show after all and my posts go directly to my Facebook wall.  Can't be having any TOS violations on my watch.

Well, without further ado, let's get to the first post shall we?

Feast your eyes on Dita Von Teese.  This comely young lady is a model, costume designer, and most of all the queen diva of burlesque dancing, a nearly lost art until its recent revival.  She's so hot that you can almost forget she was once married to Marilyn Manson. 

I shall now sit back and watch the page hits.  Fear not, those of virtue.  My blog shall remain an apotropaic against the hordes of ignorance.  This is all in the name of science and the further acquisition of knowledge. 

Of course it is.

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  1. On Facebook, Armando said: "Hey! That's not fair! Dita wasn't a Page Three Girl!"

    I suppose I should've pointed out that I'm adopting the Page Three tactic but the girls will be of my own selection.

  2. On Facebook, Dr. Rich said: "Well, I find your blogs very interesting and insightful, even without the hot chick photo. With the photo.. that's just icing on the cake! Thanks for the Easter present Jon :^) "

    Thank YOU for the compliment, Doc. Always glad to help a brother out.

  3. On Facebook, Bernard Sell said: "I only wish our employers understood the value of our research."

    Got that right. Oh what we go through in the acquisition of knowledge.


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