Tuesday, April 10, 2012

UFO video taken from passenger plane

Good evening, everyone.  Time to get skeptical.

There is a video that has been creating a bit of a buzz across the Interwebs.   The video was taken from an airliner over Seoul, South Korea.  While the plane is flying over a group of buildings, a silver, saucer-shaped UFO eases into the shot.  The videographer says something excitedly in Korean (I assume that's the language) and the UFO leaves the frame, moving rapidly on a slanted, vertical path, up and away from the point of view.

After the initial footage, the provider of the video...whoever they are...is kind enough to slow the video down for us and zoom in on the object.  It is in doing this, however, that astute viewers have noticed the rub in this particular UFO story.  If you watch at around 23 seconds in, the edges of the UFO get extra fuzzy.  A few viewers have even stated that it turns transparent.  I can't quite see that but the UFO does take on an odd, hazy appearance during those frames.  Photoshop, maybe?  Then again, the shape of the object is not entirely inconsistent with a few of the newer models of UAVs out there in the shadowy world of black ops.  The Korean Peninsula is a prime location for such drones to be active in, maybe someone caught a flight on tape.  Then again...

This article on MSNBC points out that the anonymous cameraman a) waits a fair amount of time before saying anything to his in-flight companion and b) for whatever reason, does not attempt to follow the UFO as it exits the frame.  Also, a Hollywood visual effects artist was consulted and he pointed out the same "motion blur" that others have noticed. 

I'm afraid I'm going to have to toss this sighting on the "hoax" stack for now.  Of course, that's almost become my automatic reaction these days and that, ladies and gentlemen, upsets me a bit.  After all, the genuine, real-deal in UFO footage could be shown to me and I might automatically say, "computer generated."  Would I know the real thing if I saw it?

In other news of aerial (notice how I spelled that, Yahoo?) phenomena, a rare, daytime meteor streaked over the skies of Texas.  I'm sure it spawned its fair share of UFO sightings already.

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  1. On Facebook, Armando said: "I saw this and thought the same thing. I suspect digital fraud."


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