Friday, October 11, 2013

Naked gyms

For a writer, it is all about marketing today.

It's all about your number of "likes," "hits," "+1's," and "engaged users."  Every once in a while, I see my site visits dropping so I get nervous.  After all, the bedrock purpose of ESE is to promote my own writing.

So please don't think me a snollygoster, but sometimes I try to drive traffic here via the lowest common denominator.  My "Page Three Girl" experiments are examples of that.  Today, I'll be talking about "naked gyms"...a subject that is paranormal in its own regard.

Plus, it's just stupid enough to match my askew, WTF? sense of humor.

Yes, naked gyms.  This is apparently a recent development, within the past year or so, in places like London, Sydney, and even New York City.  Apparently, they are "men only" workout establishments that offer most of the usual equipment and amenities that most gyms do, only they are clothing optional.  The publisher of the linked article asks, however, what the difference is then between these gyms and a bathhouse?

I suppose one solution to either draw a distinction or increase draw (or both) would be to make the gym coed.  To hinder problems developing in such an environment, you might have the genders separated by say, glass or something.  Guys lifting weights here, women doing yoga there.  I know that sounds horribly sexist but is it really any dumber than the rest of the story?  Sigh.  Bravely pressing forward...

There are also other things to consider.  You sometimes see people in gyms wearing spandex who really shouldn't be wearing spandex.  Do you want to see them naked?  As the article asks:

"And even if people really went to a nudist gym just to work out, we’re not sure we’d find the aesthetics all that pleasing. You really want to be standing behind someone doing squat thrusts with no pants on?"

You might feel that breakfast bar coming back up your esophagus real fast.
Yeah, marketing.  Of course I can't set any of my back links for this through Social Monkee as it's against their ettiquete policies.  Then again, my recent post on Philip K. Dick was no good to them either, purely based on the man's name.

Yay marketing.

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