Monday, October 14, 2013

UFOs on film: Turkey, 2007-2009

I have been meaning to get to this UFO case for a while.

From 2007 to 2009, several witnesses sighted similarly shaped UFO craft in the skies over coastal Turkey.  The objects, which are either roughly disc-shaped or perhaps cigar-shaped, were caught on video numerous times.  The capture-grab above is but one example.  And the site I have linked above gushes that the video footage has not been successfully debunked.

First opinions?  Well, this UFO sighting is unique.  Unlike many cases caught on video or still shot, we see far more than a blurry light in the sky.  This is a structured, seemingly metallic craft on almost each occasion.  In that regard, I am very impressed.

That leads me to believe this is not the misinterpretation of something mundane (or maybe not, hold on until later.)  Meaning this is no known plane or helicopter.  It is no meteor or satellite or case of ball lightning or even the light of Venus refracted through swamp gas.  This is something physical.  If I may add personal experience to this matter, I spent many years shooting video on the Canon GL-1 miniDV cam, the same camera used to capture these images.  I know circumstances where that camera's lens can get freaked out and I know what it looks like when that happens.  This isn't it.

Next question: is it a hoax from the deceitful (but arty) mind of a trepan?  Certainly could be.  As pointed out on Digital Journal, there isn't corroboration of the sightings (correct me if I'm wrong, please) from sources outside the stories and there is no hard data such as radar returns.  All we have to go on are the videos.  And contrary to the assertions in the DJ article, I find the pics to be of great quality by way of comparison with most UFO "blobby lights in the dark" rubbish.  That is by no means a testament of authenticity for as the rest of the article astutely puts forth, there's nothing else supporting the claims besides the pictures.

One interesting theory is that it's a yacht on the video.  Remember, the sightings took place at a seaside locale.  One photo comparison shows the bridge and..."top deck" for lack of a better word in my vocabulary...of a large yacht in the area.  It looks very much like the UFO.  If this boat were sailing with only the lights of its command deck lit, I could see it being mistaken in such a way.  I know that might sound kooky, the ship sailing with no other lights on, but it's a simpler explanation than immediately going to "UFO."

Again there's quite a bit still to weigh back and forth.  There always is in these cases.  However, there is one aspect of the case that makes me tilt an eyebrow as I scratch my head.

In a few frames, proponents claim that you can actually see occupants of the craft from the other side of a window.  Indeed under magnification, you can sort of make out two humanoid shapes with faces like those of the stereotypical Greys.  I'm not sure if that's evidence that helps or hurts the case...or neither.  Or if it's even evidence at all.

So many times you hear the refrain from skeptics: "produce an 'alien.'" Witnesses may very well have done that this time but it still isn't enough.  On the other hand, if something looks too good to be true, then it probably is.  Maybe those occupants look a bit too much like aliens if you know what I mean.

I'm in neither camp right now.  Call it a cop out, but I just don't have enough information/evidence to conclusively make a decision one way or another.  Legitimate UFO or hoax/mistaken identity, my mind is open.

One thing is for sure, it still beats most other sightings for quality of pics.

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