Monday, October 21, 2013


I like to play with photography.

And with an iPhone for a camera, "play" is about all I can really do.  It sure ain't art.  Anyway, here are several photographs that have been taking up storage, the fevered observations of one analysand:

The photo directly above was taken on the way to a Cubs game.  Apparently it's part of a Green initiative in the city.  The one above that was take on the way back from Wrigley to Union Station.  Bulbous lights glowed and changed colors like bio-luminescent cat tails.

This one above is art we have displayed on campus as part of our "Contemporary Situation" class.  Naturally, it's meant as representative of contemporary pop art.

Mona Lisa with an RPG.

I was in Indianapolis about a month ago for an academic conference.  The stained glass you see above was the ceiling of the hotel elevator.

 This one is from where I was underneath one of the giant saucers from Independence Day.  No, it was really downtown Indianapolis.  Apparently there were people who were unhappy with a bar and grille called Granite City.

 At close range, the pattern of this street grate takes on a life of its own.

 A fairly impressive monument in the downtown (such as it is) area of Indianapolis.  I believe the inscription said it was dedicated to the dead of the Civil War.

The brick buildings were outside the hotel I stayed in.  Thought they were sort of gothy, but I KNOW that's not the real style.  There were these eyeless nun statues in the hotel lobby.

My dog is getting laser treatments on his knee after surgery.  Just like any other time lasers are used, you need to wear eye protection.  He just looks far cooler in it than I do.  Mr. Chew E. Bacca...

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