Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Have we been told everything about Fukushima?

Tonight, ABC's Nightline will air an episode on "Fukushima's ghost towns."

I expect it to be a visage similar to that of Pripyat (which fascinates me) near Chernobyl only without such a passage of time.  You can still expect to see many homes and businesses that were shuttered and abandoned in the wake of the disaster at the nuclear power plant in Fukushima, Japan.  As you no doubt recall, the plant was badly damaged after the tsunami of 2011, resulting in one of the world's worst nuclear incidents.

While I plan on watching the episode, I can't help but feel this overall distrust with the mainstream media on this matter.

A recent edition of Coast to Coast AM featured three experts on nuclear energy.  Just in time really as there was a recent internet hoax going around about new explosions at the plant, the West Coast of the US needing to evacuate, and that the Pacific Ocean would soon be rendered uninhabitable due to radiation.  Not true.  Unfortunately, the truth is bad enough.

Scott Portzline, one of the C2C interviewees, had this to say:  "In my opinion, Fukushima is a level 8 on the international nuclear event scale, (the levels normally only go up to 7)."  This is due to the multiple sources of radiation coming from the plant and that unlike Chernobyl, the flow of radiation as yet to be turned off.  Another interviewee, Kevin Kamps (who is admittedly anti-nuclear power) reported that 72,000 gallons a day of radioactively contaminated water is flowing into the ocean, which adds up over the three years since. Making matters worse, Unit 4 at Fukushima could be on the brink of collapse, he added.

I was already aware that fish and other sea life from the Pacific were being found with extraordinary high levels of radiation.  That is almost to be expected.  The accompanying bits of this story, well, I don't know what to believe as it's tough to get confirmation.  What would confirmation take?  An increase in cancer diagnoses on the West Coast?  That could be written off as damn near anything.

Believe it or not, I'm really not that much of a conspiracy theorist.  Yes, I believe that our government knows much more about UFOs and other things than it lets on, but that's about it.  I don't go around looking for the paranoid slant to everything and I have no desire to write and pass out manifestos.  Logically, however, if the situation at Fukushima is worse than we were ever led to believe...and the evidence does indeed appear to be pointing in that direction...would "They" even tell us?


I can vividly remember watching the Fukushima disaster unfold and seeing ace physicist Michio Kaku on CNN giving commentary.  He said that the entire reactor needed to be encased in concrete.

So why wasn't it?

UPDATE: This bit of news reports that an ex-worker at Fukushima alleges that duct tape and wire nets were used as the method for sealing the leaks in radioactive water tanks.  “I couldn’t believe that such slipshod work was being done, even if it was part of stopgap measures,” Yoshitatsu Uechi, the former employee, said.

Now we need to take this with a bit of skepticism.  After all, an ex-employee is bound to say anything, especially if they may be disgruntled.  But if true...hoo boy.

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