Monday, January 27, 2014

Yes, climate change is still real

Bruce Sterling saw climate change coming.

Even now as we wonder why the climate crisis has not resonated, as the short-sighted and the unscrupulous seek to despoil an already melting ice cap, and as there are those who erroneously point to this year's harsh winter as an absence of rising global temperatures, Sterling had it down years ago.  I remember reading about it in his cyberpunk books.  But because such a literary genre (and a subgenre at that) is overall viewed as "escapist" and perhaps because Sterling has no PhD to assuage academics, there was no way he could possibly know what he was talking about.  Alright.  Check out this interview clip:

"A lot of the worst malefactors since Kyoto are going to pay."
I'd like to think so.  Yet they likely have the financial resources to mitigate their circumstances and will get by just fine.

One example of climate change that Sterling cites in the video (already several years old at this point) is that "a sheet of ice the size of Texas has broken off from the North Pole." (paraphrase)  As one of my friends pointed out to me, this is reminiscent of a clip from Christopher Walken in The Dead Zone (great movie by David Cronenberg, can't vouch for the book by Stephen King):

I understand it's already become a meme for climate change. 

And if you need pictures...

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