Tuesday, May 20, 2014

The ESE podcast

I have a podcast!

That's right. Prepared to be nettled by my (well, not just my, hopefully) blatant self-promotion.

The ESE podcast is now available at iTunes.  Head on over and download the enjoyment for free.  You're welcome!

So what's it like, you may ask?  It's not altogether that different from what I told you about long ago.  You don't remember? That's all right.  I'd almost forgotten myself.  But I finally got my act together and worked with my friend Mike Smith and Prairie Independent Media to get this done.  If not for Mike's expertise in all matters IT, this wouldn't have happened.  Mike handled the recording, the uploading, the RSS feed, hell he even composed the theme music.  Trust me.  If you have any kind of digital media needs, click the link and work with Prairie Independent Media.  You owe it to yourself.

The material of the podcast is pretty straightforward for now.  I selected three of my ESE entries and delivered them in spoken word style.  This will make the blog available in quick, easy to digest bites.  Perfect for our "on the go" lives.  Future podcasts will expand to provide audiobook renditions of my short stories.

But wait!  There's more!

I am especially looking forward to the upcoming long versions of the podcast.  This means a half hour to hour long discussion between Mike Smith and myself in a sort of Coast-to-Coast AM format.  Will there be guests?  Working on it.  But I've known Mike in real life for almost twenty years now (yikes!) and he's not just a fine man and IT specialist, but a skillful conversationist as well.  He can talk with you about pretty much anything.  A handy skill to have when you're covering ESE kinds of topics.  Mike's also a pretty normal (for lack of a better word) guy.  He doesn't sleep in a pyramid or make attempts to transcend to altered states of consciousness.  His perspective will be one of the common individual, thereby demonstrating, I hope, that these subjects are not ones to be relegated solely to fringe elements.

What subjects?  Well of course we'll be discussing the paranormal and anything weird.  Mike promises "an Art Bell level of weirdness" and I aim to deliver (let's face it, he tapped the right guy.)  We'll also be talking about astronomy and technology.  Not just future technology such as transhumanism, mind you, but present developments which are pretty amazing in their own right.  Ten years ago, would I have had any idea what a podcast was or let alone how to create one?  Now here it is. What will technology bring the writer/blatant self-promoter next?

So head over to iTunes and download the first ESE podcasts.  There will be more where those came from I assure you.

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