Wednesday, January 30, 2013

ESE Podcasts!

You heard it here first.

There is going to be an Esoteric Synaptic Events podcast.
I am uncertain at this point as to how I'm going to bring it about, but I'm determined to do it.  I may buy a cheap mic and download a shareware audio editing app. That would be ideal, but my web design/programming skills are severely lacking and the free systems online just don't do what I need.

Right now, I am hoping to do a few podcasts with Mike Smith and his quality outfit, Prairie Independent Media.   (Putting on my Troy McClure voice) You may remember them from such podcasts as Mid-Life Man Cave and the Dyelirious podcast.  I was fortunate enough to appear on Dyelirious once and had a great time.  My obstacle in working with Prairie Independent Media is solely geographical.  I'm in one state for most of the week and Mike's in another.  Maybe we can meet up and knock a few podcasts out over Spring Break.  But I digress...

What will an ESE podcast be like?  First of all, I will be reading my series of short science fiction stories and making them available for free.  That's right.  Free.  I've heard this sort of "audiobook giveaway" has worked well for other indie writers.  Might do the same for me.  Here's to hoping.  In addition to the short stories, of which I hope to have about nine or ten all told, I may do podcast discussions on general weirdness, especially as I get more and more serious about writing that book about Dulce

And who knows what else I might offer via audio.  Maybe things I've read about in Art Today or perhaps even "spoken word" presentations.  Or maybe you'll just hear me bitching about the artifice of a materialistic existence.  Wellaway!  It's wide open territory as to just where the podcasts may take us.

I'm excited about it.  Hope you are too.
Details to come.

My e-novella, Hound of Winter is available for only 99 cents 

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