Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Escape From Tomorrow

I hate Disney.

There.  I said it.  As a matter of fact, I loathe the entire institution.  Why?  Sure, there's the portrayal of women as helpless waifs in the insipid yet somehow "classic" Disney films, but that's not all of it.  It could be the homogenized "McEntertainment" that for many years was shoved into my face by the same just-had-a-kid-but-now-financially-struggling couples that incessantly flung "So when are you having kids?" in my face ad nauseam until any reproductive will I had shut down.

Or maybe I just think it all sucks so bad that I could plotz after a mere ten minute viewing of any Disney tripe (except for The Black Hole, but that's the subject of a future post.)

But it seems that a few of "my kind of people" have a produced a film shown at Sundance called Escape From Tomorrow.  Filmed entirely on property at Disney World, the film shows the theme park as a "dystopian hellscape."

I love it already.

What exactly does such a portrayal entail?  Well, to wit:

"Princesses transformed into ghouls. Psychedelic teacup rides. Simulated suicide. The world's most famous theme park turned into a vomitorium."

This, gentle reader, is art.

Randall Moore, director of the film, describes Escape From Tomorrow as "my personal attempt to make sense of what felt like a very artificial childhood, brought on by our cultural obsession with these fake, manufactured worlds of so-called fantasy." "  Indeed, I keep thinking of those vapid and sterile depictions of what our "future" was supposed to be in Tomorrowland.
Moore adds, "I think the film is really about defining the word 'escape' and how so many American households seek it out in a yearly pilgrimage to a materialistic Mecca."

He took a big chance shooting this on location and nearly got caught by park security.  Naturally, Disney is considering whether or not to sue and halt a wider release of the film.  Suing has been their m.o. numerous times in the past.  In this instance, however, they may wish to just step back as any litigation will on draw more attention to the film and how godawful the Disney corporation really is.

Geez, have I mentioned how much I hate those guys?

Oh well.  It's a small, small dysfunctional world after all.  

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