Friday, January 4, 2013

Organic HTML

I cannot program.

I have attempted to many times but have resulted in being mediocre at best.  At least where it counts that is to say.  I suppose that is why I marvel at and become envious of those who can do it.  For many of the same reasons, I am enthralled with this site, OrganicHTML.

Enter the site and then enter the URL of a web oage.  Any page.  The graphic representation you get back is meant to, if I understand it correctly, symbolize the site as a living thing vis-a-vis the rest of the Internet.  Note the length of the vines, roots, and other foliage that you get upon submission.  I typed in the URL of this blog and what I got back looked, well, rather necrotic.  Guess that's fair.  I've tried several site addresses, more than I care to list right now.  Instead, I leave you to your own experiments.

Considering the Internet as a living thing is not exactly new.  Many have previously considered the idea.  I blogged about it recently and I'm also close to completing a stage play based on the concept.  Will the Net evolve into a living landscape?  Perhaps.  If it does, let's hope we can take better care of it than we do our present physical reality.  After all, environmental disasters such as Deepwater Horizon should give anyone pause for consideration before offering couthie praise for humanity.

Anyway, back to the play.

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