Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Could it be...SATAN?

Diagnosed as schizophrenic?  Good news!

You might not have a mental illness.  Instead, you might be the victim of Satanic programming.  Or so asserts Russ Dizdar.  Dizdar is a former chaplain of the University of Akron Police Department and was recently on Coast-to-Coast AM.

Dizdar argues that between four and ten million people in the U.S. have been victims of Satanic ritual abuse.  In the interview, he was quick to point out that there are varying degrees of Satanism.  There is the Church of Satan on one end and there is "psycho Satanism" (serial killer Richard Ramirez was cited as an example of this brand) all the way over on the other end of the spectrum.  Dizdar has spent most of his professional years going after "underground Satanism" wherein young people are subjected to Satanic ritual abuse.  This includes many lewd and unsavory abuses, many of which with the intent of creating multiple personalities to carry out Satanic work such as assassinations.

What I found most interesting was Dizdar's argument of where this form of Satanism has originated.  He said that the family lineage of the practitioners might go back as far as the Nephilim.  At the employment of that concept I nearly checked out, but I decided to listen on and see where things were going.  The true point of origin of these Satanists according to Dizdar is the society of The Black Flame from Nazi Germany.  He alleges that many of its modern day members are people of wealth and holding positions in society's elite.  As more and more hapless youth are mesmerized, a demonic army will arise, one that will aid the Antichrist in the cementing of a globalist agenda.  Apparently, it's all explained in Dizdar's book, The Black Awakening.

It would be easy to dismiss all of this out of turn.  These kinds of assertions honestly do resemble the kind of claptrap you hear from Alex Jones, however at least one organized religion sees the threat of Satanic/demonic intervention as a viable one.  The Catholic Church has established an "exorcism hotline" for those worried they may be under the control of the devil.  Really.  If you live in the Milan diocese in Italy, you can call the hotline and have a Vatican-trained exorcist sent to your door. who will perform the ritual en regle.  In fact, the Church has added to the number of priests it has that are schooled in the ways of exorcism.

I leave you to make your own spiritual decisions, whether they be the bottled or un-bottled variety.  I just know that Satanism makes my head spin.

Ha!  Did you see what I did there?

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