Thursday, July 10, 2014

ESE on the Road, 6

So this New York place is kinda big.

The photo above represents my first street-level view of the city.  Below, an Earthman sets foot in a new land.  New to him, anyway.

This was my approach to the city.

Through whatever act of mercy or ministry of grace, the ugly beast is quiet today.  More than that.  It's actually excited about its surroundings.  I'm picturing the thing now as a mass of spiky, oily hair, batting an "I heart NY" beach ball between its paws while cooing "shiny."

Went to Times Square.  It's probably as close to being in Blade Runner as I'll ever get.  Minus the steady acid rain.

I seem to think that it was here where Lex Luthor schemed his evil plan in Superman.

Andy Warhol inside the Empire State Building.  The second photo has the legendary artist with the venerable Lou Reed and the Velvet Underground.

Views from atop the ESB (not to be confused with ESE.)

My hopeless attempt at looking attractive:

No idea who this is but I liked the art and message.

Then I found Forbidden Planet, a comic book store.  This was my reaction 30 seconds into the place.

Here I was five minutes later.

Yep.  Didn't want to leave.

A couple night and day shots around the TriBeCa area:

Had dinner at Buca di Beppo in Times Square.  Here are a few of the more interesting visuals.

I'm not sure which saint this but given it's an Italian place I'm guessing it's Saint Joseph.

The marvelous kitsch of nuns playing hula hoop.

When I look at this face, all I imagine it saying is "WOWWWWWW!"


A man making his point for veganism.

I am given to understand that the Earthwoman named Scarlett Johansson lives in New York City.  Alas I could not track the gorgeous specimen down but found thus likeness:

Fuck if this doesn't sound like a boring travel log.  I promise it will be better tomorrow but tonight I'm coming up empty.

Here.  It's a picture of a gothy looking church.

Glowing humanoids land in Midtown.

A Clockwork Orange in an impressive-looking book store called the Strand.

Is the trash can cute or creepy?  You make the call.

Finally, who is this strange visitor from another planet?

I hate to be unduly optimistic but this city might just revitalize my spirit.

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