Saturday, July 12, 2014

ESE on the Road, 8

Live from New York, it's Saturday night.

I've been out and about the city all day and I'm beat.  Will probably go to sleep soon.

Nah, who am I kidding?  I'll be going back to Greenwich Village.

In the meantime, here's randomness on which to chew.

Saw the Statue of Liberty today.

Traveled by sea of course to get there.

I immediately reenacted Charleton Heston's famous scene from the end of Planet of the Apes.  "You did it!  You finally did it, didn't you?  You maniacs!  You blew it all up!  Damn you!  Aw goddamn you all to helllllll."

The park rangers were not amused,

That might be because SWAT had to roll out after someone left a backpack sitting unattended.  Security's no joke.  As if to emphasize that point, a pair of Marine AH-1 Cobra gunships flew by on patrol,

The military aviation enthusiast in me was tickled pink as a shoat.  Still want to mess with them?  I won't.  But you go ahead.  Be tough.

Descending the stairs from the pedestal, you can still see the original brickwork.

From a display on how the statue was built.  I like the disembodied view as it gives the famous face an all-new displaced look.

You know.  She just doesn't look happy.

Probably because if one more moron makes another, "I can see up her skirt" quip....

Right.  There's no war on women.  Right.

Saw this sign warning about the chemical dangers of rodenticide used in the subways.  Wonder what kind of chromosomal damage I'm coming back with?

Speaking of the subway, love this art from a new show based on the poetry of Tupac.  It really spoke to me.

Made it to Greenwich Village.  There was a Wiccan street fair in progress.  This included a booth for a society dedicated to Alister Crowley and this goth band that did a great cover of "So Lonely" by The Police.  My people!

Finally, I saw Blue Man Group.  That is worthy of a post in and of itself and you will get just that next week. To hold you for now, behold the cyanotic humanoid I now call "friend."

I'm still a trading punches with the beast. Nah, it's more like slaps now.  It gets bored of its cage and tries to come out, but there's just too much around to help keep it back.

Gotta go.  Having a few actresses I met in Greenwich over to my hotel room for a party.  Here's your extraplantery voyager with his city:

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