Monday, July 14, 2014

ESE Road update

Nothing exciting.  I'm still in the airport.

What I do have now, however, is a new...if slightly off-color...way of looking at things.

I'm playing refugee!

For the moment I am homeless.  Please understand that I am fully aware of the massive gulf that separates me from any one of the truly homeless I've witnessed this past week.  But this will be the first time I can remember sleeping on a floor in a public place.  A surreal experience to be sure. 

No wait.  I did do this wayyyyy back in 1999 for tickets to Star Wars: Episode I.

Anyway, like UN relief, Delta Airlines has shown up to render aid and comfort to we the throngs of the displaced.

First order of business is of course survival.  That means food and water.  Here's what we have:

It's times like these that make me glad that I eat very little.

It's also cold in the terminal due to a combination of air conditioning and air that is damp from incessant rains.  That's why Delta gave us these fashionable red blankets:

Oh huddled masses yearning to make the next flight.  
Here I am studying the blanket's material.  It's thin but in actuality rather warm.  I suspect a microfiber.  No doubt gleaned from technology found in the Roswell crash. 

Here are the other "refugees" in the camp.

I can't wait to apply for asylum.  Keeping my fingers crossed for a cool European nation but I'm not above hollering "fuck you, what do you mean 'Canada?'"

Just kidding.  I actually have enjoyed my visits to Canada a great deal.

I'm going to need to develope a backstory for my refugee character.  Where am I from?  From what do I flee?  

Is there a connecting flight?

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