Thursday, September 11, 2014

Another year on Earth

Today is my birthday.

I have lived out yet another year.  Humans seem to think that is something worth "celebrating" for whatever reason.

What will I do for this occasion?  Nothing.

Yes.  I'm okay with that.  I'm also at peace with being my age.  After all, I've got all the inner angst and loathing of a 16 year-old so it feels...I dunno...youthful.  There are still no shortage of things that piss off Jonny Nichols: Angry Youth.

I checked to see if anything significant happened on this day in history.  The answer to that is "a whole lot of nothing." Guess I shouldn't have expected anything less.  Well, it was the date of the final mission of NASA's Gemini series.  I guess that's significant.  Listed for my actual birth date is the destruction of three airliners hijacked by Palestinians.  Figures I'd share the day with a tragedy (and narrowly missed 9/11 occurring on "my day.")

Who else was born on this date?  Science fiction author Stanislaw Lem for one.  I'm hoping that bodes for a positive trajectory that combines myself with science fiction.

You didn't know it was my birthday?  You didn't get me anything?  That's okay.  It can be late.  I don't mind.  Wondering what to get me?  This Zaxxon stand-up arcade machine will do.  There's room for it in my office.  Really.  I measured.

But if you're really serious about a gift, please give to the World Wildlife Fund and "adopt" an endangered animal.

What do I have planned for the year ahead?  I have at least two books I want to complete writing.  I thought writing them in a contiguous manner would keep me from getting bored but as the old saying goes, "in trying to catch two hares I ended up catching neither." Or however it goes.  Once finished, the books will likely be released independently and with the assistance of a literary "kickstarter" such as Pubslush.  I would also like to see a few other areas of the world.  Towards that purpose, I am deadly serious about an expedition to New Mexico next summer in order to complete my research for In Green Blood.  I am also serious about taking applications for research assistants (I already know Bernard is down for it.)

If I can accomplish those things as well as keep perpetuating my forward momentum in academics, I'll consider myself a success.

"I've come to wish you an unhappy birthday
I've come to wish you an unhappy birthday
'Cause you're evil
And you lie
And if you should die
I may feel slightly sad
(But I won't cry) "

--The Smiths

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