Thursday, September 11, 2014

Berwyn Mountains UFO incident

As I went through my mental convalescence from depression, I read many UFO books.

Most were geared towards my research on the story of (the alleged) Dulce Base but a few were of a more general nature.  One of them mentioned a UFO incident unknown to me previously.  As by happenstance, two researchers recently appeared on Coast-to-Coast AM and discussed the very case.  British UFO researcher Steven Lumley has written a book on the event and joined another UK UFO investigator named Russ Kellett (himself a professed abductee) on the program.

It is called the Berwyn Mountains UFO incident.  It is purported to have happened in January of 1974.  On C2C, Lumley claimed that the chain of events actually began in the Irish Sea as ships of the Royal Navy came down the Scottish coast in pursuit of "something below the surface of the water." Ships popped off photoflash bombs in an effort to expose their quarry.  While this was all underway, numerous fighter jets from the RAF dropped flash bombs into the area, working to box their targets into a corner, Kellett reckons.

Kellett's research alleges that three saucer-shaped UFOs then shot out of the ocean and attempted to flee the area.  One of these UFOs hid in a lake in the Berwyn Mountains of Wales and another exploded nearby.  This latter event may or may not have been the result of combat with the RAF aircraft.  It's the case of the third craft where things really get interesting.

This UFO is said to have landed on a road near a town in the mountains.  Kellett cites five witnesses who claim that several entities disembarked from this saucer with two of their number appearing "distressed" (how so was never made clear.)  Heavily armed units of the British military arrived on the scene and shooed away the witnesses.  Before they could be fully chased off the scene, witnesses told Kellet they that observed the aliens being taken to a vehicle and then driven away.  The UFO was lifted onto a flatbed truck and whisked away from the scene as well.  With no small amount of precision and expediency, the affected area was entirely cleansed of anything unusual ever having happened.

It is a rather lorn case in Ufology it seems and I am admittedly still trying to learn the facts of it all, but it does have several standard earmarks of the "mythos" as it were.  First of all, Unidentified Submarine Objects or USOs are nothing new.  There has been considerable UFO activity within and around the world's oceans.  In his book Invisible Residents (one of the ones I read and will soon review), Ivan T. Sanderson proposes that there is an entire intelligent and even advanced race living beneath the sea.  Additionally, there is the trope of downed saucers and the government showing up to scoop up any evidence.  This site called Bubble News (and name like that just cries out "journalistic integrity") even alleges that witnesses from the area villages were visited and intimidated by Men In Black.

What do Lumley and Kellett cite for evidence?  Well there are the witnesses plus calls to local police about the strange doings of the night in question.  There are also a few documents Kellett was able to obtain.

Not everyone, however, is keen on that evidence.  The content writers of Xpose UFO Truth sure aren't happy with Kellett and Lumley.  "Berwyn Mountains UFO Myth Dismantled" and "hoax" are phrases prominently shown on that site.  They also allege that the government documents Kellett cites are fraudulent and that no such incident "could ever have happened."

There is always competing research in these matters and things can rapidly devolve into pissing contests.  What is the truth?  Well it would seem that the burden of proof is on Kellett and Lumley so their evidence would need to be convincing.  The only way to know for sure is to do the reading and the research.

I invite you to do so and make up your own mind because I know I certainly will.

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