Thursday, June 4, 2015

New ancestor of humans found

Sometimes my reading causes "textual train wrecks" in my mind. Right now, human origins have collided with Dulce.

It was announced last week that fossils of a new species of human have been found. This species of early man was cohabiting Ethiopia with Lucy (reconstruction pictured above) about three million years, making it among the very earliest proto humans to have been found. Taken in total, this evidence suggestions that there was a whole range of hominids roving across that part of Africa, perhaps "carving out separate niches in a stable environment based on differences in diet, foraging strategies and other behaviors."

This recalls the discovery of the "hobbits" of Indonesia. Discovered in a cave in 2003, the skeleton of this hominid stood at three feet tall, thus why it was nicknamed after the race in Tolkien's Lord of the Rings. Strikingly, was dated as being 18,000 years old. That overlaps with the current version of humans. Though small, these "hobbits" were also thought to have fairly well developed brains. They must have because they somehow got to an isolated island in Indonesia.

And that somehow leads me around to Mac Tonnies and his Cryptoterrestrials theory. We learn new things all the time about how early humans made it along. Likewise, we apparently have no real idea just how many different species of hominids there have been in history as we seem to keep finding more. How intelligent were they? How intelligent and developed does a brain have to be to create art, music, or basic technology? As with the idea that Mac entertained, might other species have branched off and learned to live apart from us, either in isolated areas or underground?

That leads me to Dulce. Several have posited that the Dulce Base acts as something of an entry point to an underground world. What lives down there? Well, the Reptoids are alleged to have arisen there for one. Is Dulce a locus point not just between humans and aliens but with other species with which we share the Earth? Did aliens have a hand (or whatever appendage) in modifying their or our development?

No. Or I should say, I'm highly skeptical of it as the research and evidence just doesn't support it. Sure is fun to play with the ideas, though. No harm in that, right? Well, mostly not.

More to come...

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