Tuesday, June 2, 2015

No really, are we being terraformed?

I made a crack a while back about UFOs.

It was during one of my lamentations over how we're destroying the planet. I thought that the only way the dismal decline of our environment could be cool is if we were being terraformed. Then I wondered: are there any legitimate UFO cases that might indicate Earth is being terraformed by extraterrestrials? Wellllll..."legitimate" is something of a stretch but I did find a few things. First, let me back up a bit.

"Terraforming" is the act of taking an environment hostile to life and making it hospitable. Mars has long been the subject of fanciful terraforming projects and NASA even has a few preliminary theories in the works. How would this work? Trapping heat would be a start. The accumulated heat would then melt the ice of Mars' cryosphere, letting water flow across the surface once more.

Great. In theory, anyway. That aside, is there any evidence that someone else is doing this to us? There have been a few suspected indicators. One was the discovery of three new species of bacteria in the Earth's upper atmosphere.  These organisms were so strange that at first blush, it was thought that they had to be alien. They were even named Janibacter hoylei after astronomer Fred Boyle who suspected that life actually came to Earth in microbial form on meteorites. Alas, these bacteria were found to be from right here on Earth, specifically from the soil. So no, they were not introduced by aliens in a sort of "bio-warfare" attempt at terraforming.

Next up, cattle mutilations. These have been around for a while with the stories coming to prominence with the investigations of Linda Moulton Howe in Colorado's San Luis Valley. Cattle were found with gaping cuts made into them with surgical precision. These were bloodless cuts. What fluid that did remain in the carcasses was pinkish in color and the internal organs, the ones that were left, had turned into "the consistency of peanut butter." As these mutilations often occur in conjunction with UFO sightings, one theory posited was that the alien occupants of the craft were mutilating the cows in order to measure the progress of their terraforming. My cumbersome research into Dulce (which has seen a significant number of mutilations over the years) has shown that these crimes...though awful...are very human in origin but I'm not spoiling my book.

What else is there? Admittedly I just Googled, but I'm mainly coming up with conspiracy forums and chatboards. There seems to be at least a few minds out there more than willing to entertain (or propagate) the terraforming theory, but no solid cases or sightings point to it. I did find one writer who accurately pointed out how many UFO sightings occur beneath or near water. Like Ivan Sanderson said in Invisible Residents, it would be quite an easy thing for UFO occupants to set up bases deep at the bottom of our oceans. We seldom go down there and we know next to nothing about it. If you wanted to terraform, you could probably do it from there or at least base the operation out of those environs.

Whether or not they are is a whole other matter.

Others still claim to have had remote viewing or abduction experiences that revealed to them UFO occupants have been intervening with Earth's sociological and environmental development for thousands of years. Linda Moulton Howe related the experience of one such abductee on Coast to Coast AM a few years back. While aboard the UFO, this man claims to have had telepathic contact with the aliens. He witnessed sort of a video history of them terraforming Earth and then building the monuments of Egypt. Take that for what you will.

So are UFOs really bent on turning Earth into the oxter of the galaxy if not the universe? Is that somehow going to make a more livable planet for them? I doubt it. The destruction of our environment is due solely to the proliferation of greedy, short-sighted monsters.

And we be them.

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