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UFO navigation

Screenshot from the classic X-COM: UFO Defense game.

This post continues my exploration of the ExtraTerrestrial Hypothesis (ETH) for UFO phenomena. For more on my motivations behind this, click here.

My last post, the one dealing with UFO interiors, led me to speculate on another aspect of so-called "space visitors." To get here, they must have a means of navigation. Travis Walton may have stumbled across just such a system. He claims that he came upon a "planetarium chair" that turned an otherwise empty chamber into an expansive field of stars.

Also in that last post, I referenced the abduction account of Barney and Betty Hill. Among the many interesting aspects of that case is Betty's claim that one of their abductors showed her a map. "Do you know where you are on here?" the Grey asked her. She did not. "Well, it won't do much good to show you where we're from if you don't know where you are." Or at least that's what I recall Betty saying in an interview. The Grey showed her the map anyway.

This map revealed the aliens' point of origin as being the Zeta Reticuli star system. This is an area of the universe that would not be revealed to astronomers until well after the Hill incident. Betty, however, saw it. There were various lines marked on the alien map, showing trade and travel routes. Apparently, getting around the galaxy was no trouble for them. What's more, the very mention of "trade routes" has startling but not totally unexpected implications. If they are trading, then there must be multiple races out there.

At the same time, I find the idea of "travel routes" in space to be somewhat indicative of two dimensional thinking. I've never traveled between stars but I somehow don't think that's how it works. If it is to happen at all, an Einstein-Rosen Bridge might be the way to go. This is a theoretical wormhole that would bring two points in spacetime together. Might the bridge connect to...shall we say, interesting...locations here on Earth? That's what the Oswald abduction incident might indicate.

Luli Oswald was a concert pianist and while in Brazil in 1979. She claims she was abducted from her car by a UFO occupied by "rat-like beings." Here is a portion of her account:

“[A few of these beings are] from the Antarctic, from Patagonia… This is a very good man, this little rat talking to me. He said the South Pole ends and there is a tunnel that goes to join another tunnel underneath it, a tunnel inside the Antarctic. The ones (beings) I saw come from there. Others come from outside. Some are intraterrestrials, like these from the Antarctic. That’s why they come from the water, and they go into a tube and they enter another world under there, and they are from there. Others are extraterrestrials. This group is an evil group, but there is one good one among them.”

Intraterrestrials? Beings here on Earth? Something like what Mac Tonnies speculated about in his Cryptoterrestrials? Might it also be that these beings...if they indeed were such things...were actually referring to an Einstein-Rosen Bridge when saying "tunnel" and Oswald simply interpreted it otherwise? Antarctica is certainly no stranger to UFO activity, so maybe...

Still, it would be great to have the know-how needed to hop around the galaxy as the ETH implies. Wouldn't it be great if the aliens could teach us how to do it? According to one abduction account, they are more than willing to...we just need to let them live here.

John Day of England claimed that in 1978, he and his family were all abducted by aliens (again from their car). Not only were they taken into a UFO, they were brought aboard a mothership high in Earth orbit. The enormous craft was packed with beings from the planet "Janos." Their homeworld was destroyed when their planet's moon exploded. These aliens then packed up whoever and whatever they could, about a million of them all told or so the account reads, and headed out to wander space in search of a new home.

Oh boy is this great.

John Day and his family were told that the Janosians (or whatever they call themselves) would be willing to give humans the technical specifications for the propulsion drives and navigational systems necessary for interstellar travel. We just need to winkle out a place for them to live, the extraterrestrial equivalent of "Relax, we're just going to sack out on the couch."

Not sure why Day's family were the ones taken and told to relay this offer, but since it was back in 1978 I can only assume that the answer from The Powers That Be was a "no."

Or was it???

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