Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Oh I hope NASA has a stargate

So like I said, I've been reading by Dark Mission by Richard Hoagland.

It's getting even weirder.

I can't really get into it all right now as I don't have the time to do it justice. Additionally I'm still mulling over what it all means. Here are a few tidbits I've gleaned:

-Hyperdimensional physics. Yeah, better that you read it for yourself.
-NASA is obsessed with all things Egyptian. This may be because the Egyptians made it to the Moon first through a sort of "stargate."  Yes, you may proceed with all manner of movie comparisons.
-Inspired, I went to visit Hoagland's website, The Enterprise Mission (yes, I believe it's a direct Star Trek homage) to learn more. Upon visiting, I learned that episodes of Tom Corbett: Space Cadet and
a few View Master reels may have been part of a conspiracy to desensitize us to the idea of finding artifacts on Mars.

While that latter point is enticing, I'm still stuck on the idea of a stargate. Fiction is obviously repleat with such conveyances, from the movie of the same name to the device used by Jodie Foster in Contact (pictured above and a great film if you haven't seen it.) So if, as Hoagland, is arguing in this book, with such savoir faire I might add, that NASA is hiding the truth about so great many things, might a logical question be "so what else are they hiding?" Could a stargate be such a secret? I won't deny I'd be thrilled if such a thing actually existed. Certainly doesn't seem any less likely than anything else Hoagland argues for in the book (again in fairness, I have not finished reading it.)

Anyway, I Googled "NASA" and "stargate" and came up with this. While it probably is just a wind tunnel getting torn down, the romantic in me chooses to believe it's a classified device capable of generating an Einstein-Rosen Bridge.

Until such a point where Richard Hoagland tells me different...

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