Monday, November 21, 2016

Warren Ellis and online privacy

A while back, my good friend Dorkland posted tips from writer Warren Ellis on online privacy.

I thought it would be a good idea to repost it here on ESE. We are facing days of political uncertainty. Be that as it may, we have actually known about issues of online privacy for a while now so these really are a good idea no matter who is in office or what your persuasions are. And once you read this, I'm sure you'll agree that the writer of Global Frequency really does know his tech:

"If you have access to a Windows machine, there's an excellent Twitter archive eraser called Twitter Archive Eraser, haha.  All you have to do is request your archive from Twitter, install Eraser and feed your archive to the machine. I mean, if you don't want to delete your Twitter account entirely, which I totally understand, but.

"(You may want to do something with your LinkedIn account for similar reasons.)
Also, iMessage and WhatsApp are okay, but get Signal. If you're going to organise, try to form IRL spaces and try not to use Facebook right now.
Keep an eye on Safecast - as they build out their systems, their open environmental data may prove very useful in the coming years.

"You may want to consider private newsletters - Tinyletter is a very good free option if you intend to speak to less than a few thousand people - and, despite being Facebook-owned, a private Instagram account may be better for you than a public one right now."

Sadly, I'm having a few technical difficulties this week. Ellis provided many links to the apps he wrote of in the post but I was unable to copy them over because the app I'm using has gone buggy. You can find many of those links at the Dorkland link.

Welcome to the resistance.

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