Friday, November 25, 2016

Space shuttle UFO incidents

Again, still reading Richard Hoagland's Dark Mission.

While it's not a "UFO book" exactly, it does operate from the premise that NASA has been concealing evidence of alien life. This has inspired me to look into, however cursory in method, allegations of other NASA cover ups related to aliens, particularly in regard to former space shuttle flights. Here are a few:

-February of 1996. STS-75 was a space shuttle mission intended to launch a tethered satellite system. A 12-mile long tether line was deployed from the shuttle cargo bay. The line broke and the satellite was lost. Video footage of this test shows circular objects in the vicinity. They do bear a resemblance to classic "flying saucers" and UFO proponents argue that they are indeed extraterrestrial spacecraft or anomalies at the very least. NASA says the objects are ice particles and space debris (there is a LOT of junk orbiting Earth,)

-In November of that same year, Columbia was again in orbit, this time on STS -80. There's an interesting bit of video footage from that mission that has made the rounds over the years. In it, a circular object comes to a stop over Earth, hovers, and then descends. Again NASA argues it's ice particles that nothing unusual was observed on the mission.

-I'm sure I'll get called a schlockmeister skeptic, but I'm actually comfortable with the explanations of ice particles and space debris. But there's one case that still has me intrigued, though. It happened on a Discovery mission in September 1991. In video footage from the mission, a point of light approaches Earth's atmosphere. There is a flash of light and the point charges direction.What looks like a missile then shoots up and into space from the Earth. Of course NASA says it's ice and debris particles knocked all helter skelter  from the shuttle firing its attitude thrustsers. That's where the flash of light came from. My problem with that explanation is that the shuttle should have moved. Therefore, the angle of the shot should have changed. It doesn't. The particles themselves don't appear to behave in the way you might expect from a thruster burst. I'm thinking primarily of the "missile" coming up at steep angle st high speed. There are those who say the video reflects a sort of "space defense" system against aliens. I'm nowhere near prepared to go that far. I don't think the video shows any aliens. I simply have questions.

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