Thursday, November 18, 2010

Can't get it to START

Granted, I am aware that I do not know all the intricacies, the loopholes provided, the sourcecode as it were to the new START Treaty inked with the Russians that now needs approval in the Senate.  The Obama administration is doing its damnedest to push it through, but whether or not the current lame duck Senate can yield the votes is very much up to question.  I find that to be unwelcome news.
I know there are cries from Senators that they haven't had enough time to read through the treaty.  Fair enough.  I know there are arguments from pundits that claim this will weaken the U.S. in both strategic and tactical means.  Not so sure about that.
What bothers me is what seems to be indicative of an attitude towards overall nuclear reduction.  I am neither naive nor Pollyanna enough to begin to think that we will ever live in a world without nuclear weapons.  The genii popped out of the bottle in July of 1945 and it ain't going back in.  Not unless human nature really changes and I don't see that happening.
Given that fact, I would find it preferable that we have as few as necessary of the ugly things sitting around.  Military strategists on both U.S. and Russian sides have finally determined that an all-out, MAD (Mutually Assured Destruction), nuclear exchange is no way to fight a war.  There is no one left to surrender to you, all assets and resources are annihilated, and you're going to be coming out of things much the worse for the wear.  The doctrine now seems to be one of calculated targeting.  Crippling, not decimating.  

While my definite preference would be for no nuclear war, I'll willingly take the limited exchange scenario if that's my only other option.  At least the world will find a way to survive that.  Therefore, we need to reduce stockpiles on both sides until there are only enough warheads left to carry out such an engagement.  

But how can we trust the rest of the world?  How can we ever inspect them enough to make sure they're being honest?  I don't know.  But please, I've had enough nightmares of mushroom clouds in my lifetime.  Somebody must reduce the threat for all of our sakes.

I just keep thinking about what my brother said after returning from a trip to New Mexico.  He saw the Trinity test site.  He also saw a Pueblo village not far from there.  Mankind's ultimate weapon was manufactured and tested in the vicinity of people who once lived in relative peace.
Seems we could learn something from them.  As Sting said, "I hope the Russians love their children too."  Same goes for Republican senators.

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