Sunday, November 7, 2010

UFOs: Perhaps even wilder than we thought

Nick Redfern posted a link on UFO Mystic to an article on UFO Iconoclasts the other day.  Truth to tell, I'm not a big fan of the Iconoclasts.  While I do believe that an infusion of new ideas into any field of research is not only desirable but necessary, those guys come off a bit too much like "rock stars" to my tastes.  Nevertheless, their post was intriguing.

The article detailed a supposed meeting in 1966 between officers of the US Air Force and NASA scientists and engineers.  At said meeting, the situation of an alien presence on Earth was discussed.
Just as our intelligence community inserts spies or "humint" elements into nations that we want to know more about, the aliens have done so with us.  And just as our spies are expected and trained to do, the aliens look like us and blend themselves into our society in order to learn more about it.  Or at least one would suppose.  According to alleged documentation of this meeting, the reasoning went like this:

"It [the fact that almost every action undertaken by a government was preceded by intelligence gathering] almost dictates the fact that there would be agents of the space people, wherever they come from, living among us at the present time and having been here over the last hundred years."

A bold statement, to be sure, but one that is not necessarily off the mark.  It does make a logical point, that is if we can assume the motives of the aliens and that can be a bit of a dicey activity.
I ask that you please follow the link about to read the post in its entirety as it goes into who the players were, what their credentials were, and the debate over who knew what, when, and to what extent.  To me, that is not what is interesting, exactly.
It is this whole "they walk among us" meme that has been so popular in science fiction.  I suppose it is not so far of a stretch to believe that if a race can cross the many light years of distance between their planet and ours, they should have the ability to disguise themselves or to conceal their presence altogether (I believe I did a post on this waayyyyyyy back.)  It really is fascinating to me that you could encounter an alien during an everyday task and never be the wiser.  And you can spare me the jokes of "I know plenty of aliens...they're all at my office!" (insert Statler and Waldorf laughter from The Muppets.)  
As with any matter in Ufology, a heap of evidence would be needed to validate any of this and we're just waxing theoretical until we have it.  Nonetheless, the next time I meet someone with wider-than-usual eyes and larger-than-average head (and indeed I have met these people as I'm sure you have as well) I am going to wonder: family genetics or visitor from offworld?  
And if you wish to argue with any of this, I suggest you take it up with UFO Iconoclasts.

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  1. On Facebook, Dr. Rich said: "If you really want to take this theory to the limit, how about growing a human - in vitro- and training it to be an agent from birth. Impossible to detect, yet still a reliable agent. It would make a great Sci-Fi story too."

    I'm not so sure they haven't done it already.

  2. Wouldn't it make more sense that if the UFOs were so technically advanced and can do pretty much anything (as is generally the case in UFO theory) that rather than have to create some goofball human-disguised spy that they could just hack into our computer and communication networks to gather information? Unless they needed some very specific knowledge that could only be gained from interacting directly with specific individuals, it seems like a lot of wasted energy to make a spy.

    Of course all of these computer and communication networks didn't really exist a hundred years ago so if your theory is that they have been here that long, I guess you would need some spies to figure out whatever they wanted to figure out.

    Doesn't seem to make a whole lot os sense in the technology age though.

  3. As it seems I must repeat, "if you wish to argue with any of this, I suggest you take it up with UFO Iconoclasts."

  4. I suppose I was just postulating on why they might need a spy to infiltrate us. I suppose it could be for no more than studying culture and the human condition.


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