Monday, November 1, 2010

Know what to do in case of fire, tornado, or UFO crash

When I was but a wee lad (and yes I know how old I sound right now), our elementary and secondary schools ran fire drills from time to time.  Given that we lived in Indiana, we also had tornado drills in the spring. But a few schools in the UK have gone one better.
That's right.  UFO crash drills.  Police call it an exercise in imagination, deductive reasoning, and brainstorming what to do in the event of an actual emergency.  All well and good, but I still must ask, "why UFOs?"  There are any number of other methods by which to do this that would capture attention and imagination.  Granted, the authorities both scholastic and municipal might be trying to keep the activity as non-threatening as can be, but it doesn't take a crashed saucer scenario to accomplish that.
The UK has always been a bit of a UFO hot-spot.  Rendlesham RAF base is located there, site of the critical incidents of December 1980.  Recently released British MoD files tell how seriously Winston Churchill once took UFOs as well as illustrate UFO cases that have yet to be explained.  Could these exercises be another "warming up" method?  A means by which to further desensitize the public to the idea of alien life so that when disclosure occurs, we're not as shocked?

Could be.  Could also be that someone just thought this would be a fun activity for the kids.  Either way, I'm most perturbed that we didn't get these drills when I was young and God knows I pleaded with Him to bring it about.  Never know when you could use the skills involved.  Checking for radiation, collecting smoldering wreckage, storing and preserving dead alien bodies while keeping the live ones occupied, perhaps even by putting on a show.  Kids today have all the luck.

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  1. Fifty years ago, they had atomic bomb drills. Duck and cover!

  2. I flippin' love those old b&w instructional films!
    Yes kids, dive underneath your flimsy wood and soldered desk. That should definitely protect you from a nuclear blast.


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