Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Beatnik spam

Since needed emails are sometimes routed to my spam folder, I must sift through the sewer.  From time to time, I find a pony in the manure.
Today, as I scanned the subject headers of these marketing gems, I noticed how they turned into an almost stream of consciousness poem.  So with my striped shirt and beret on and one of you Strangers accompanying me on the bongos...
Bill my parents
Discount penis enlargement
Watch her in action on webcam

You may already qualify
Payday too far
Penny stocks that jump 900%

Have you had hip surgery?
New jobs for 2011
Apply for gas card today and save money

Family photos--new features favorite
Determine if hair restoration is right for you
iPads and Kindles for under $20

Invent it and we will develop it
Having toning shoes caused you pain?
Lasik for $299

Thirty seconds to credit card pre-approval
Learn business skills by earning business degree
You may qualify for a government grant

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