Friday, April 1, 2011

Meanwhile in Antarctica...

Every now and then, a UFO case comes along that has so much hard evidence, so much scientific credibility, and such unimpeachable witnesses, that it takes the veracity of the phenomenon to a whole new level.

This is not one of those cases.  Pretty far from it, as a matter of fact, but it sure is nifty to read.
Supposedly, WikiLeaks has released a classified cable from within the US Department of Defense that details a secret air war going on between our Air Force and UFOs.  Okay.  At first blush, this is not entirely unbelievable.  Julian Assange has already hinted that future WikiLeaks disclosures will have to do with UFOs and we know that the US military and the armed forces of several other nations have sent warplanes into the air to interdict unidentified radar contacts.  Sure.  I'm with you so far.
So the story goes that in June of 2004, the Space Command of USAF detected a flotilla (that's the word the above linked article uses) of UFOs rising up from the waters off the coast of Antarctica.  Their heading?  A location of vital strategic import: Guadalajara, Mexico.  I'll refrain from the all-too easy jokes about beaches and tequila.
Now many nations would throw up their hands at the sight of an oncoming alien fleet, choosing instead to run screaming in multiple directions while wondering how tough it will be to learn ET's language.  Not the good ol' US of A.  No way, we say "fuck 'em all" and send our fighter jets into the air on both an intercept course and a suicide mission against what is most assuredly superior technology.  Whether or not Will Smith was the flight leader is not revealed in the WikiLeaks disclosure.  Then, just as fast as this entire scenario got started, the UFOs disappeared from screens and then reappeared at their point of origin, Antarctica, just in time to recede beneath the waves once more.  Crisis averted.
Or was it?  Cue ominous music.
Allegedly, there have been other recent cases where massive numbers of UFOs have risen out of the Antarctic Sea.  The danger being posed here is supposedly the wake this creates, threatening to capsize large ships such as freighters.  A mass exodus of UFOs from beneath the sea nearly capsized a cruise ship, according to the article.  Funny.  You'd think something like that would be tough to hide and would therefore make news.  It should also be noted that I've yet to find anything of this nature on the WikiLeaks site.  If someone can link otherwise, please let me know.

Crazy sounding or not, there are numerous reports of UFOs seen rising out of oceans or actually seen submerged (post on USOs).  Plus, this is not the first time that Antarctica has surfaced as a UFO locale.  About a year ago, I blogged a post about Operation Highjump, a highly suspect U.S. military operation that took place at the very end of World War II.  It's a story that involves escaped Nazis, an underground Antarctic base, UFOs, and Americans in combat against them.  What's not to like?  And just like the supposed leaked story above, it reads like pulpy science fiction...and has just about as much solid evidence to it.

In related news, check out Julian Assange "owning the dance floor" in Iceland and the likelihood of UFOs at the upcoming royal wedding. 

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