Monday, April 18, 2011

Droning on

That's me in the photo.
That's me in the ant...suit.
Drone to my obligations.

Or at least that's how I feel.  Lately I have been fully cognizant of the neverending "to-do" list that confronts me.  All of it is household related.  Clothes to launder, dogs to walk, lawns to rake, floors to vacuum, and crud to scrub.  And when it is all completed, when it is all said and done, the counter resets to zero and I start the process all over again.  Sisyphus, anyone?
So why do I do it?  I'll admit to being a neat freak in my own odd way.  I want to feel clean when I come out of a bathroom and I want a sense that the space I prepare meals in is sanitary.  But beyond that, why do I do it all?  Who is going to come and check up on me that it's done and to satisfaction?  Just what cosmic force am I trying to appease by keeping a strictly unsullied dwelling?  And accomplishing the process at such a corybantic rate that leaves me exhausted for the entire next day?  What would happen if I devoted all that time to something I loved?  Something that would benefit me?  Beyond winning the "Mr. Clean" award, that is?  It's enough to get you down, wear you out, and just plain fill you with ennui.  Tell this to your doctor and the solution would likely be psychotropic drugs.  Something to pharmaceutically buoy you up...all the way until you're drugged-out enough to no longer care that the problem still exists.  Oh what to do. 

Fact is, I do like a clean home.  There are also greater things I want to accomplish.  Perhaps that is why I need two of me.  Yes, the Jondroid concept again...the robot that would carry out all those tasks I find tedious and tiresome.  Things like scrubbing, cleaning, pleasing family members, and working at the day job.  In the meantime, I would fully devote myself to writing and research in both the Humanities and Forteana.  
What if I took the Jondroid concept to an entirely new level?  Yes, I'm beginning to see just how hampered my experience is by having just one of me.  Imagine other robot copies of me in different locations around the world.  I could link to them cybernetically and experience what they are experiencing.  "Surrogates," if you will.  :) 
It is a herculean task for one person to see the entire world in their lifetime.  Few of us manage to accomplish such a feat.  But with these remote-controlled copies of myself, I might just pull it off.  Oh the things I could accomplish.  Yet how fully would I be able to experience things through these multiple Jondroids?  Is it still considered polygamy if it's your copies that are in multiple relationships?  Now there's a conundrum.  

Oh who am I kidding?  There's little if any likelihood of any of this coming to pass in anywhere close to the near future.  Except in my imagination, that is to say.  Guess I need to be at peace with being a drone.
Or at least not care so much about every patch of dust that I see.
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  1. Good luck caring about cleanliness! I am wandering around my house wondering why I am not tackling projects that would excite and challenge me and then I think, "Oh yeah, I gotta pay bills, fold all the laundry, and take care of little guy." When there is finally time, there is no energy. This is why we want to be successful- to earn enough cash to have someone else vacuum while we work on our passions full time! I can't wait for the day...