Monday, April 25, 2011

Serving up Hodge Podge

After the excitement of the past few days, I'm afraid I don't have much in the way of a post, so I'll just go with a potpourri of random things on my mind.
Very low and lethargic at my day job.  Worst of all it's only Monday.  Oh what gruesome reality.  But I've been wondering, how can I push a request through the purchasing department for one of the massager chairs from The Sharper Image?  I'm afraid it will have to be one of the higher-end ones because it needs to work the shoulders.  I mean, otherwise what's the point, right?  I think it would definitely lead to greater work productivity...or slow evaporation into a nap.  Therefore, I also will require an espresso maker.  Oh and a  latte for the Lizard Queen as well.

I'm still fumbling towards vegetarianism.  Lunch can now consist of a salad and french fries and dinner a pasta dish of one form or another.  Panera has a quite delectable tomato and mozzarella panini that is really rather filling and gets me through the afternoon.  Yet in reality, fatigue relegates my diet to a modest conglomeration of Cap'n Crunch and Cheez-Its.  But it's still vegetarian, right?  

My desire to go vegetarian has doubled.  Recently, my poor dog Chewie tore an ACL and needed emergency surgery.  His rear-right leg was shaved and now has a purple, Frankenstein-like vertical line of stitches running it.  With all the black fur gone, the definition of his leg is more clear.  It looks like a drumstick.
How easy to forget that eating meat could be the same as eating one's pet.

We've been experiencing several days of spring rain in Chicago.  In fact, it's been near torrential at times.  I don't seem to mind it nearly as much as everyone else around here does.  The colors of gray over green have a nice Celtic look that I've always appreciated.  While I am much more of a winter person, I can come to terms with spring.  Even if it does mean another Cubs season is over before it begins.

Enhancing the aesthetics of this blog has become an imperative.  If anyone has any ideas...or more to the point, how to implement ideas, hit me up. Web design has always driven me nuts.

"When did you get interested in UFOs?" she asked.
My monomania began at a young age.

Want to see where I was at Saturday night?  Click here.  Ignore the poster's inane comment.

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  1. I felt the same way ar work today. Especially after a show its like " What now" aww Lizard Queens thrive on lattes lol Wonder if you'll get the chair ?

  2. Oh I doubt highly I will get that chair. That's ok. I don't plan on sticking around long enough to enjoy it. :)


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