Thursday, October 6, 2011

I was looking at art!

Back in August, I attended the Alley Art Fest Aurora, Illinois.  Yes, it really has taken all this time to get the pics uploaded.  It was on a Saturday, just down the street after I got done teaching.  With that kind of synchronicity of events, how could I say no?
Here's a poster for the art fest, the vintage look is serviceable:


Shackled.  But aren't we all?  Bit of a paraphrase of The Crow.  Did you catch that?  Huh?

Not as cool as the Triceracopter but fantastic as downtown sculptures go.  Yet more sculptures follow...

Fire escape.  But I can be myself, how 'bout you?

Actually at the Art Fest now.

Area folk musician plays for the art goers.  Didn't catch her name.

Not sure I believe that.  So far the journey has sucked so my art must not be that great, either.  :\

Small theater (Off^23 Broadway) production going on at the time I was there.  The title says it all.

Near faceless angel.  Something like a Doctor Who episode.

Spaceman sighting!


Orbs and cobwebs.

Sculpture before a municipal building.

This guy had Van Halen's "Running With the Devil" blaring out of the back of his trikey.  Only in Aurora.


One (very) small step for man...

In other art news, a new Picasso exhibit opens in NYC.  Wish I get there to see it and Duran Duran at Madison Square Garden, but such is life.  A journey.  I suppose.  

Or so the art tells me.

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