Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Infinity and UFOs

I must admit that this is my first time reading Sanders’ work but after reading this bit and looking at the titles of the articles in his repertoire, I think that he now has a fan in me.  But I digress…

Today’s article was on the nature of infinity, the cosmos, and ultimately UFOs.

“The subject of UFO'S is being discussed in more and more places, these days. I predict that soon there will be a cable channel devoted to nothing but UFO'S.”

Oh stop, R.W. It’s like you’re talking dirty to me.

Seriously, he is correct in pointing out that public belief in UFO contact is at a high.  While it is true that this may indicate that people aren’t running UFO sightings through a much-needed scientific filter, it does show that popular opinion is growing more and more comfortable with the idea that we are not alone in the universe.  Given that pesky Fermi Paradox, which states something along the lines of “if the universe is teeming with life then where is everybody?”, Sanders suggests that ultimately the discovery of other intelligent lifeforms may be done through logic and mathematics.  He posits the following:

If given that everything is infinite:

“1. Wouldn't this indicate that there have to be civilizations that can, do, will or have detected our existence and studied humanity?

2. Conversely, does this mean that humans will, or have, detected them?

3. Am I a complete idiot for spending time thinking about these things?”

To the last point I give a resounding “no” and to the first two a semi-solid “yes.”

As I have pointed out in numerous other posts, there is solid, physical evidence involved in the UFO phenomenon.  I’m not talking about downed spacecraft in government possession (although I do think that is likely,) I’m talking about evidence that has been made public by the likes of Stanton Friedman and Leslie Kean.  Why “the establishment” won’t consider it is beyond me.  Actually it isn’t, I understand full well their desire to suppress the truth.  Along with the Fermi Paradox, the enormous distance between stars is often brought it up in a case against UFOs being alien visitors.  Sanders even mentions it in the article.  To that, I must put forth two points.

First of all, “aliens” is only one possible explanation for the UFO phenomenon.  There are other weirder, psychologically-linked answers that may end up being the truth. 

Second of all, when considering interstellar distance, it is important to remember that we are viewing such distances through the prism of our current standard of technology.  Of course a voyage between stars would be an impossibly long and harrowing ordeal given what we have to work with at this time.  Humanity, however, is rather young.  A civilization that has been around for a few million years longer than we have has undoubtedly surpassed us in technology and scientific understanding.  Remember, people once looked at a locomotive and said, “We’ll never go faster than that.”  And by people, I mean the public writ large and not visionaries such as Wells.  Indeed, it might in reality be as easy for aliens to reach us as it is for us to fly to a corner of our planet.
It is almost a mathematical certainty that alien civilizations exist, despite whatever Fermi had to say.  Likewise, there exists the chance that they could be studying us.  And that, my friends, may be the reason for all the UFOs.
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