Friday, October 21, 2011

The Rockefeller UFO connection

In this day and age of Occupy Wall Street, 99% v. 1%, and overall economic strife, it becomes easy to overlook the benefits that the wealthy have sometimes given society.

One of those services that came as a surprise to me was that of Laurence Rockfeller.  With a last name like that, you can pretty much guess how loaded the guy was and how he continued to accrue wealth throughout his life as a financier and venture capitalist.  Mr. Rockefeller, however, was very interested in the subject of UFOs.  My research into this is ongoing but I’m uncertain as to how this interest was sparked.  One source claims that it was due to Rockefeller’s friendship with World War I flying ace, Eddie Rickenbacker.  Rickenbacker himself was rumored to have been a UFO believer, citing fellow pilots who had witnessed anomalous aerial craft.

Regardless of how the enthusiasm began, Rockefeller instituted the UFO Disclosure Initiative to the Clinton White House in 1993.  Along with other members of the Rockefeller family, Laurence called for the declassification and the release of any and all files that the government had on the subject of UFOs.  First and foremost, according to Rockefeller, of incidents to be disclosed was the Roswell UFO crash of 1947.  Rockefeller even held a UFO conference at his Wyoming ranch and also personally briefed then-President Clinton on the results of UFO research of the time.

Obviously, no disclosure came of this.  It is well known that Clinton made a Presidential request to see such materials.  Like with Jimmy Carter, the response from the NSA was more or less along the lines of “this information is ‘need to know’ and mere curiosity on the part of the President does not constitute ‘need to know.’”

If this case tells us anything, we can use it as a barometer as to how deep the tendrils of the UFO conspiracy go.  If a President and a man as wealthy and connected as Rockefeller cannot break through the walls of secrecy, what chance do the rest of us rate?

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