Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Alien Dawn by Colin Wilson

It was not the Christmas gift that I had anticipated.

The flu, that is.  Let me emphasize this to you one and all: get rest, drink fruit juice, get a flu shot, do whatever you can to prevent getting this virus because this thing is a son of a seabiscuit. 
It took hold of me on Friday, just the barest of beachheads in the sinuses.  By yesterday morning I was feverish, chilled to the bone, and a hacking up things that looked like they could get up and walk away on their own.  I've been cranberry juiced, I've been souped, I've been blanketed, I've been Vitamin C'd, D'd, and B'd.  I've been too exhausted to read and have settled for TV (thank goodness for M*A*S*H or I would have been left with a wasteland.  You know, like that garbage they show on TLC for the daytime crowd?)  In short, not fun.

What has been fun is this proper Christmas gift that I received, the book Alien Dawn by Colin Wilson.  Wilson is the author of a book called The Outsider, one that will get a blog post in its own right in due time.  In this book, however, Wilson takes on what seems to be everything and the paranormal kitchen sink.  I'm talking alien encounters and abductions, UFOs, cryptids, poltergeists, time slips, out-of-body-experiences, and tales from the fusty annals of antiquity that have long been excluded from the academic canon. What intrigues me most about the prospect of this book is how Wilson seems to be seeking a "grand unified theory" of The Weird; a perspective that sees seemingly unrelated phenomena as parts of a greater mosaic whole.  What's more, Wilson appears to be a skeptic at heart...or at least that's what it seems from the first few pages.  I like that.  That means he's running all of his research through the wringer and that's definitely something this author can appreciate.

I'll write more once I've actually read the entire book. First, however, I must get through The Truth About Flying Saucers and Above Black.
But now I'm going back to bed.

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