Thursday, December 29, 2011

Another witness to Roswell

A week or so ago, Linda Moulton Howe was on Coast-to-Coast AM, discussing a great many things paranormal.  The most interesting story to me was the one she told about Patrick Murphy.

Murphy's father, Francis Murphy, was stationed at the Roswell Airfield on that fateful day in July of 1947.  Francis Murphy told his son that on the day in question, cargo planes and ambulances arrived on the base rapidly after the crash occurred.  One hangar was sealed off and rendered "off limits" to all but the highest ranking officers.  A security officer on the base told Francis Murphy that the crash debris consisted of "strange looking metal" and body parts that "did not belong to humans."  Later that day, Francis would assist with the loading of crates into waiting planes.  The crates were marked only with numbers and the single phrase, "Wright Patterson AFB."

On her web site Earthfiles, Ms. Moulton Howe did even more in-depth interview with Patrick Murphy.  One of the more interesting points to be gleaned from this talk was that Francis Murphy reported that in the days following the famous Kenneth Arnold UFO sighting over Mt. Rainier in Washington (an event that happened only days before the crash at Roswell), several P-51 fighter planes were stationed at Roswell.  As Patrick Murphy put it, "The P-51s were stationed there and were always armed. They weren't there just for training and those planes were well equipped for offensive, not just defensive capability."
Coincidence?  Sure, it could be.  I just find it an intriguing juxtaposition of events.  Likewise interesting is that Patrick asserted that his father saw the original report sent out from Roswell, one clearly stating that bodies were recovered and that they were "not human."  Additionally, Francis Murphy noted that cargo planes came and went from Roswell airfield for three days after the crash.  From the amount of debris gathered, Francis guessed that the craft had to be about the size of a B-29.

So what are we to think from Patrick's interview?  Sure, you can say that it's all secondhand and we are interpolating based upon that, but it's the man's father.  Let's take a look at just who Francis Murphy was as described on the Earthfiles site:
"During World War II, he was promoted to Captain and was assigned to the 8th Army Air Corp with an intelligence unit on the front lines. He worked in North Africa desert wars and then was in Naples, Italy, until the war ended in 1945. Captain Murphy was wounded four times, received four purple hearts and a bronze star. From Italy, Capt. Murphy was assigned to Roswell Army Air Field, New Mexico, in late 1945 through 1947 to early 1948."

Four purple hearts.  One bronze star.  Yeah, I'd say the guy had pretty good character would likely not be prone to confabulation.  Also interesting was the fact that Patrick claimed that his father would willingly speak about almost all aspects of his service in World War II but he did not like talking about Roswell.  
For my money, this ties in directly with the argument against those who allege, "With all the people involved, the government couldn't have kept a UFO crash at Roswell a secret."  I'll forgo the Manhattan Project example and cite instead a story posted just a few days ago at UFO Iconoclast(s).  For more than a decade, several men in Connecticut worked on one of the most successful spy satellite programs ever...all under the noses of their families and no one was ever the wiser.  If told not to talk about it, many in the defense industry and in the service, especially at the time of Roswell, did not talk about it.

Many things can be kept secret...including alien life.

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