Saturday, December 3, 2011

Arctic melting, environment decaying, war possible...gee, what have I left out?

Hi everyone.  Sorry for the large gap in postings but life sometimes gets in the way.  Nothing bad, thank goodness, just very busy.  

A report was released that is sure to rankle each and every corporate titan who opposes the fact of Global Warming...all because regulations to curb it will cut into their profits and that's just plain un-American, ain't it?
An international team of 121 scientists have announced that there have been "record-setting" temperature changes in the Arctic that are directly attributed to Global Warming.  The results of these changes include but are not limited to, melting ice, warming waters, changing wind patterns, and a deleterious affect upon the wildlife of the region.  Polar bears and walruses are rapidly losing their habitat.  At the same time, however, whales are gaining new waterways and feeding grounds, so I guess there might be one plus.  :\   I am still curious about the theory...although it is still a contested one...that such copious amounts of fresh water released from melted ice could lead to desalination of ocean waters, bringing with it problems of its own.

"Given the projection of continued global warming, it is very likely that major Arctic changes will continue in years to come, with increasing climatic, biological and social impacts," the report said.  
One of those "social impacts" could likely be war.  I've discussed this before, namely the Pentagon report that shows just how seriously defense planners are taking global climate change.   As ice in the arctic melts, new deposits of oil and natural gas are revealed.  There is also the chance of new waterways of shipping.  That means international competition.  Currently, there are competing territorial claims in the area between the U.S., Russia, Canada, and Denmark.
So the militarization of the Arctic is already underway.  Canada has established a training center in the Arctic for polar special ops as well as a port for icebreakers and patrol ships.  The Russians have been conducting operose investments in deepwater exploration and the new Bulava submarine-launched missile, and the Danish and even the Norwegians are readying their own arctic-capable warships and planes.  Not to be outdone, the U.S. military has begun its own mobilization with new submarines and support ships for combat in the region.  The Navy is currently winterizing planes for a possible conflict.

So if the polar ice caps aren't melting fast enough, we'll be happy to pitch in and help devastate the region through war.

I love humankind.  It's just people I can't stand.

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