Monday, February 6, 2012

Good thing Global Warming is a myth or I'd be scared

Like most Americans, I was enthralled by the Super Bowl yesterday.  Took my mind off of the fact that things are about to get really, really hot.

An 18-mile fissure was discovered in Antarctica.  This crack will eventually cause a 350 square-mile block of ice to break off into the ocean and float northward.  That's one heck of an iceberg.  While scientists who study Antarctica admit that this kind of thing goes on all the time, they say that they have never seen a fissure of this magnitude before now.  This crack in the ice is likely due to melting.

In spite of this, we can all be reassured by the conservative Right's claims that nothing critical is going on.  The greenhouse gases in our atmosphere have nothing to do with the disruption of climate cycles.

Disagreements abound, obviously.  Even in the scientific community.  The disagreements, however, are increasingly more over the true culprit of Global Warming rather than "Global Warming: true or false."  Indeed, one would be hard pressed to find climate scientists who would disagree with the reality of temperatures increasing across the world.  Both polar caps are losing ice as temperatures rise.  And regardless of whether you believe the change is due to pollutants or just plain nature, rising temperatures are a fact.  We will soon have to deal with the consequences of this fact.  Climate change denial is growing more and more difficult to justify. 

But we'll keep on keeping on, won't we?  It won't matter to us until our personal bank accounts are somehow affected.  Either that or Global Warming intrudes upon our ability to watch a Super Bowl.  WTF, people.  WTF.

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  1. On Facebook, Dr. Rich said: "We have had seven ice ages in the last million years. The climate is always changing, but burining everything we can get our hands on has probably sped up the process. Now, I'm not too sure there is any going back for centuries, since we burned up the rain forests, and that kind of shit the bed, so to say. I think we need to learn how to adapt pretty damn fast."

  2. On Facebook, BC said: "It can't be done because the flat-earthers have made it their signature issue. If you hate Obama, you have to deny climate change. We are doomed. Actually you younger folks are; those over 50 should die before the worst of it hits. Just be sure the youngsters know who to blame."

  3. On Facebook, Bernard Sell said: "At least I'll have plenty to complain about when I'm an old, complaining man. "Get off my [what-used-to-be-a] lawn!"

  4. On Facebook, 7h470n3guy said: "Who cares! We'll all be dead before it gets really bad, right!? Why worry about the future right now?

  5. Geohacking might work to delay things but 25 years or so. Of course that would have to be in tandem with a reduction in emissions. Like you all, I still think we need to prepare for hotter summers, wider deserts, flooded coastlines, and getting polar bears and penguins into zoo habitats. The rate of glacial melt is concerning me too.


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