Sunday, February 26, 2012

My magnetic ribbon is better than your magnetic ribbon

Giving me access to this site is a bad idea.

Remember when magnetic ribbons on cars became all the rage?
To my reckoning, it happened just after the controversial invasion of Iraq in 2003.  Yellow ribbons showed up everywhere, slapped on to vehicles that were mostly Hummers and pick-up trucks with massive wheels.  "Support Our Troops" they proclaimed.  The statement is only half accurate.  There is an implied phrase before those three words that reads "You Had Better."  If it were otherwise, then the statement would read, "I Support Our Troops" would it not?  Or the more humble, "Pray For Our Troops."  I always wanted to stop the driver of the vehicle with the ribbon and ask, "how exactly do you support our troops?" and see if they can provide an answer rooted in concrete action.  Sort of reminds me of the Bill Maher slogan, "Putting a Flag On Your Car Is (Literally) the Least You Can Do."

Now, the site I linked you to above gives you the opportunity to create your own magnetic ribbon slogan.  Of course you can order the ubiquitous patriotic statements or the call to awareness of afflictions such as breast cancer and autism.  The option that really appeals to me, however, is the one where I can play "choose your own propaganda."  The site gives a few options of their own:

"Support the Guy In China Who Makes These Magnetic Ribbons"

"Penis Penis Penis Penis Penis"

"I Support More Troops Than You Do"

Here are a few of my ideas:

"Why Bother?"

"We're All Going To Die"

"Support Your Local Rhetorician"

"You Live a Pointless Lie"

"Question Your Own Existence"

Oh I could get into trouble with this.  So I leave it to you, gentle reader.  What magnetic ribbon slogans would you recommend?

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  1. On Facebook, Armando said: "I have been meaning to get one of those made for myself...just haven't decided on what it should say."

  2. The comparison on using varieties of magnetic ribbon for different purpose.

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