Wednesday, February 29, 2012

UFOs, Nazis, Reptoids, oh my!

For once I am ahead of the Coast-to-Coast curve.  But not by much.

Yesterday, I came across this post on UFO Digest that talks about a new book by Timothy Green Beckley.  Well, not really by, but published and reprinted by Beckley.  The book is called Trilogy of the Unknown and it is by Michael X.  Haven’t heard of him?  That’s ok, I hadn’t either but the post filled me in and I must say, it was quite an engrossing read.  Is it true?  Is it a “load of codswallop” as one anonymous poster (that must take guts) once put it?  I’m thinking it’s the latter but regardless of its true nature, the UFO story is a great one.

In the 1950s, Michael X was one of the pioneering enthusiasts of UFOs.  He apparently once did sales work of one sort or another, but that was before discovering Ufology and leaving that mundane and boring life behind.  This speaks to, in my opinion, how UFOs can at times be taken to as a New Age religion, something that grants excitement and meaning to an otherwise bland existence.  Trust me, I’ve felt the gravitational tug a few times myself.  But I digress…

Michael X disavowed his last name so that “he didn’t become part of a cult of personality.”

Ahem.  Sorry.
Anyhow, Michael X claimed to have been in contact with a race of aliens originating from the planet Venus, aliens that looked remarkably like human beings.  The purpose for their visitations was to supposedly benefit all of humanity and to welcome Earth into the equivalent of the United Federation of Planets.  Now that all may seem trite and hokey to us today but “space brothers from Venus” was actually a popular meme at that point for UFO contactees.  From what it seems from the post, Michael X was at the vanguard of this movement back in the 1950s, speaking to gatherings and conventions of the UFO faithful, telling them of the coming of the saucers.

So why did Michael X stop?  Why did he ultimately choose obscurity?  It all goes back to one bad day.
X received a telepathic message one day from one of his alien friends.  Michael X was told to go to a secluded spot in the Mojave Desert so that the two of them could speak in private.  After driving to the predetermined location, Michael parked the car and waited.  A glint of light caught his eye that he supposed must have been from the approaching UFO.  Only it wasn’t.  It was a rifle.  Michael saw one of the men he was supposed to meet, pointing a rifle.  An “inner voice” warned Michael to get out of there, post haste.  Once escaped, Michael X dropped out of Ufology.

Dr. Frank E. Stranges, one of Michael’s friends in the government and author of Stranger at the Pentagon, told Michael that the-powers-that-be had determined that Michael had gone too far with his UFO research.  What were these supposed dark findings?

Nazis.  That’s right.  Nazis are cropping up again as being partly responsible for UFO phenomena.  German scientists supposedly discovered an incredible source of energy and used it to create anti-gravity propulsion systems for saucer-shaped craft that they hoped might turn the tide of the war.  But wait.  There’s more.  Hitler survived the end of the war and escaped to South America where he lived out the remainder of his days.  None of this is exceptionally new to our eyes and ears.  After all, the upcoming film Iron Sky deals with Nazis who escaped to the Moon and return to conquer the world with their UFO-shaped spaceships.  In the 1950s, however, the time when Michael X did this writing, few if any researchers spoke of Nazi UFOs.

It also seems that Michael X beat David Icke to the punch.  X writes of reptilian, humanoid beings from inside the Hollow Earth that inhabit Rainbow City in Antarctica.  From the bit of Googling that I’ve done, this is said to be an enormous metropolis of alien origin that sits under the ice.  The aliens for unknown reasons abandoned it but UFOs are still sighted in the area.  Now this is all in addition to the reptile people who live in the underground civilization.

This is where I begin to sound like Flounder from Animal House: Oh boy is this great!

But wait!  There’s more!  In later writings, Michael X also discussed the notion that NASA was given a strict warning by alien beings not to return to the Moon…our Moon is there’s for whatever nefarious purposes.  If you click the link at the beginning of this post, you’ll find black and white photos that are supposedly of giant spacecraft on the Moon.

Sadly, there doesn’t seem to be a shred of evidence for any of this.  Oh sure, bits and pieces support the existence of advanced craft built by the Germans and we haven’t been back to the Moon since the 70s, but I just can’t get behind the rest of it.  No, I don’t know everything, I haven’t read the book yet, and I’m not calling Michael X a liar.  I simply remain skeptical and I need to see more evidence.

Until then, even a lack of evidence does not keep this from being a really great UFO story.

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