Wednesday, February 15, 2012

UFO chased over Mexico

Once again, the skies over Mexico appear to attract UFOs.

The action took place last month in Mexicali and even led to a high-speed chase involving local police.  The UFO was first sighted in the region of the city’s airport and was caught on video by closed-circuit security cameras.  As is typically the case, the video is grainy and essentially useless.  It depicts the usual “light in the sky” and not much else.

This light in the sky, however, led to a deluge of phone calls to the local police department over the “strange device in the air.”  It is estimated that thousands may have seen this object.  The UFO was described as being a cluster of white lights tapered at the ends and giving off blue and yellow flashes.  The object was observed “a dizzying array of aerial maneuvers that seemed impossible by conventional aircraft” as stated in the above link.  Police officers gave chase to the UFO but found it impossible to follow.  The UFO was said to be capable of “dizzying speeds.”

What’s more, a similar UFO was sighted days later, hovering in the skies of Tijuana.  Yes, go ahead with whatever jocularity you have in mind regarding the location and its reputation for drinking and drugs.  This does indicate a pattern, however, or a “flap” as it is sometimes called in Ufology…and Mexico has seen numerous flaps.

Unfortunately, I must continue to vilipend the videos in terms of constituting evidence. They really show nothing and have few reference points to gauge size and location.  However, the color still pictured in the previous link does seem to indicate a metallic object of a sort, but beyond that I couldn’t tell you its identity.  That, plus the fact that it’s flying in the sky, makes it by definition a UFO.   So hoax UAV, optical illusion, secret aircraft, alien spacecraft, or something even weirder than that, I invite you to debate.

Keep checking Inexplicata for more information as it comes in.

In other news, Mitt Romney is a jackass.

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