Monday, December 31, 2012

Obligatory New Year's post

If you have followed Esoteric Synaptic Events for a while, then you know I am no fan of either New Year's Eve or Day.

Sure, I know it's a sacrosanct day of observance for drunks everywhere, but I just never could get into the stupid thing.  Same goes for New Year's Resolutions.  I make them just like anybody seems to and like many others, they last for about one week.  Just as I'm sure everyone else is blogging about on this day, I have set the goal to eat more fruit and vegetables and to get more exercise.  Yeah, we'll see how that works out.

I have also resolved to glue myself to a strict writing schedule as I have so many things I wish to write and very few of them actually seem to come to realization.  Part of that is due to social and private life pressures, but I'll admit...this blog and my commitment to daily posts also gets in the way a bit.  I'm thinking that maybe the two need to come together on occasion to save time.  Will I share more rough-draft fiction writing on these pages?

Don't know yet.  I just know that I have a sweeping epic of an "alien on Earth" story that I've barely dipped my toes into and I have strong ideas for an "environmental disaster/US civil war" thriller in my head.  Also, I've been in talks with a strange cat about his own writing.  I think his name is "Jake Timber" or something like that but I'm not sure.  More on that as it develops.  I also know that I need to read more.  Any good writer needs to commit to that task.  If for no other reason than to no longer be caught in the embarrassment of admitting, "uh no, I've never read that Rudy Rucker novel."

What else can offer you this New Year's Eve?  Hmmm...

Well, Boston Dynamics has built a cool ass robot.

The Talking Heads are cool.

As is this timely and fitting cut from U2

Thank you for reading, please keep doing so in the New Year, and I wish you all my best for 2013.

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