Wednesday, December 5, 2012

UFO report: return of the "flying humanoids"

Humanoid UFOs may have returned to India.

The incident referred to here is one from 2004, a sighting that India Today termed, the "clearest UFO sighting made yet." The UFO sighting involved a team of geologists and glaciologists moving through the mountainous Lahaul-Spiti region of India.  The scientists claimed to have spotted a figure (other accounts cite numerous figures) that was four feet in height and "robot-like" in appearance.  This humanoid was observed walking through a valley for a period of 40 to 50 minutes before it took off into the air at great speed and in utter silence.  The scientists caught this on video and turned their footage over to intelligence officers in India's military.  The video was never seen again the incident was "buried" (or so it is said.)

Fast forward to this past month.  Again, UFO activity has arisen in a nearby region, this time coming in form of "glowing yellow spheres hovering in the sky." I know, I thought that they might be seeing what we colloquially term as "stars," but that would sound condescending and pedantic.  I will assume good faith for the time being.  

What is unique about this case is that, to hear India Today say it, both the government and the military are openly stating that they cannot identify the objects in question.  Many usual suspects have already been ruled out, items such as satellites, atmospheric phenomena, astronomical occurrences, or drones.  In fact, the army dispatched one of its own drones to follow a UFO.  The drone gave out as the UFO exceeded the drone's maximum flight ceiling.

"Something is clearly wrong, if our combined scientific resources can't explain the phenomena," a Delhi-based senior army official told India Today.

Scientists in India, however, are quick to yank the emergency brake on any talk of aliens.  One researcher points out...and correctly so...that the solitary fact that a flying object is unidentified is not immediately indicative of an alien presence.  That's quite a leap to make.

Unfortunately, there don't seem to be sightings of any robot humanoids this time around.  That is unless the UFO spheres are the "humanoids" in other form.  Flying humanoid reports are really nothing new.  Sightings of such things have taken place in Mexico, South America, and a few unreliable reports of them have been made right here in the US.  If the video and pics of these things are genuine, and that's a big "if", then this represents a tremendous occurrence in UFO research.  I mean, they look like the humanoid figures are actually wearing capes.  Capes fluttering in the wind.  Add that to the sightings of a flying robot(s) and...well, almost doesn't get any better.

As for the time being, it appears we must take the "wait and see" approach with the sightings in India.  There is nothing as of yet to indicate anything definitive.  Especially suspicious is the claim of "conspiracy" with the Indian Army supposedly burying the 2004 video evidence.  Government conspiracies are not around every corner.  In fact, they're rather difficult to pull off.  What does this mean for the current flap of sightings?  Stay tuned...

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