Wednesday, December 19, 2012

UFO abductions from beneath the sea

This might be surprising, but there are certain assertions in UFO research that are a bit...outside the norm.

No, it's true.  I came across one such line of thought on UFO Digest, alleging that abductees are being brought to undersea bases and are undergoing "bizarre experimentations."

The theory begins with the phenomena of the USO, Unidentified Submarine Object.  Basically the same thing as a UFO only underwater.  Sightings of USOs are not exactly new so the concept of them is not all that "far out."  Navy sonar operators have purported to have witnessed objects underwater moving at tremendous amounts of speed, such as 150 mph.  Obviously, such a speed is impossible underwater so it's either a false report, an unknown technology, or a really fast fish.  One well-researched USO case is that of the 1967 Shag Harbour incident in Nova Scotia.

In many ways, USOs make sense.  If aliens, or whatever they are, wanted to hide among us undetected, setting up shop beneath the oceans is not a bad idea.  The vast majority of our world is covered by seas and we know next to nothing about the greater depths.  But how could anything survive such crushing pressures let alone travel at such extreme speeds?  One proposed method would be a "magnetic bubble" that would surround the unidentified craft. 

Let us department the larger subject of USOs for a moment so as to delve into the "bizarre experiments" alleged by the UFO Digest article.  Said article describes the account of Betty Andreasson Luca, a woman who believes she has encountered Greys that she calls "angelic servants of Jesus Christ."  One of her Close Encounters entailed her being brought aboard a UFO that then dove straight into an ocean.  The craft then took Betty to an "ice cavern" which featured numerous humans and animals frozen in cubicles.  Each cubicle displayed someone from a different era of human history, complete with period clothing.

As if that were not weird enough, the article goes on to detail the account of one Filiberto Cardenas of Florida.  While off to buy a pig (I'm not making this up, read the link), Filiberto and his friends found themselves at the side of the road as their car suddenly lost power.  While trying to restart the car, the passengers found themselves paralyzed. 

A UFO appeared over the car and shot a beam of light down.  Filiberto was caught in this beam and then lifted up and into the UFO.  Inside the craft, he encountered strange, alien beings that placed a helmet on his head and spoke to him in a language he said resembled German.  The helmet displayed images of humanity's future, such as presidential elections, the 1989 protests of Tienanmen Square, and the 1991 Gulf War.

Filiberto was then transferred to a smaller UFO that then departed the mothership.

Oh boy is this great.

This smaller craft took him beneath the sea and into a "phosphorescent cave,"  shades of the Betty Luca account.  As the article says:

"The ship entered the tunnel and then emerged in a place that was completely dry. The area was huge. He noticed two symbols, one of them being a serpent as large as “an electric light pole,” Cardenas later said. The other image was similar but smaller. His captors took him from the ship and told him to sit down on a large rock."

From there, I take it we're supposed to read the book that the author is plugging to find out anything about the "bizarre experiments" and the "wealth of evidence" that the cases offer.  I'm not saying that there is no evidence for this, I'm saying that I don't see any in the article other than somebody's stories.

They are, nevertheless, great stories.  If true (and for me right now, that's an enormous if), I must wonder what the motives are of these entities?  Are they alien?  Extradimensional?  Another race of humanoids that evolved alongside us such as Mac Tonnies suggested?  Could they survive for great periods of time beneath the sea?  Stanton Friedman seems to think so.  He points out the number of untapped mineral resources on the ocean floor that could go towards energy and manufacturing.  

That aside, why are they here?  What do they want?
And what's with the goofy "museum?"

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