Tuesday, June 11, 2013

S-fin UFO photographed over Netherlands

Picture from The Huffington Post

It was found by accident.

Tourists at a castle in the Netherlands took a series of High Dynamic Range photos.  According to the news article on this UFO incident, HDR photos are when a photographer takes several exposures at once and the images are overlapped.   What the photographer found later was a bit unusual.

There was a UFO in the sky.  Now I mean that by its strictest definition.  There is an object in the air and it is unidentified.  Enlargements of the photo (seen above) show a long, cylindrical (sort of) object with a unique s-foil at its rear.  The writers of the linked article sought out a photo expert with the FBI who asserted that no alteration of the photo had been made such as with Photoshop.  So then what is it?  The leading thought on the matter is the first one I happened to have when I saw the pic.

A bug.

This whole thing reminds me of all of the allegations of rods in our skies.  "Rods" are found when photos or video are taken of the sky and anomalous shapes are found darting through the shot.  When the photo or footage is blown up, you can sometimes see a rod with spiny protrusions...or even corkscrew fins as in the case at hand.  These are insects.  The camera's eye alters their image as they pass through the shot and the bizarre "rod" formations are what appear.  To me, this is what the Netherlands case looks like.

The one alternative explanation I might consider is a military test.  That S-foil shape, almost like a tail fin, is a bit of a departure for a rod.  I am willing to concede the possibility that this could be a new cruise missile caught on film.  However, there is nothing alien or extra-dimensional going on in this picture.  At least not in my opinion.  This UFO case is solved.

As I spelunk through the digital underworld of UFOs, there are times when the conspiracy buff really comes out in me.  I speculate that such innocuous, fairly easily explained cases like these make splashes in the news so that the "shadow government" that regulates UFO secrecy can further a "much ado about nothing" attitude.  After all, the more cases that can be brushed off, the easier it is to disregard truly stunning sightings and evidence.

It can all be explained.  Right?

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