Monday, June 3, 2013

Blue Planet Project

Recently, I brought you a UFO post on the Serpo Exchange.

I have now come across something equally as sketchy but interesting nevertheless.  As I half-watched a UFO doc on TV (there are so many of the damn things now, I couldn't even tell you which one), I heard someone mention a supposed manual called the Blue Planet Project.  The tome is supposedly a collection of notes from a "scientist" (anonymous, natch) who claims to have once been directly tied in to the US government's UFO cover-up efforts.

Best of all, Blue Planet Project is readily available on the Internet at this link!  How about that?  What wondrous mysteries might be contained within its pages?  Well, click the link to see for yourself.  For your convenience, however, here's my rundown on it:

One of the opening statements is among the more bold, something to the effect of: "the cover-up began thousands of years ago."
Thousands?  Technically, there wasn't even a United States until a shade over 200 years ago, so how the cover-up could have been engaged that long ago...well, defies my understanding.  As we move on through the text, we get a handy recapitulation of Friedman and Shandera's Top Secret/MAJIC (fairly, the author says as much) as the history of Majestic 12 and its component members are described.  There is an extensive look at the structure of the cover up in as far as which federal agencies are handling what and the specific names of individuals who have been involved.  More on that in a future post as well as the supposed deals we've cut with the "visitors."

As many conspiracy screeds are wont to do, Blue Planet Project also alleges that UFOs have basically dropped like flies and crashed all around the world.  This doesn't say much for alien technology in my estimation.  Then again, we're not much better according to the BPP.  The US government has acquired several of these crashed saucers and at least in a few cases, attempted to reverse engineer and then fly ourselves.  This has resulted in the deaths of several pilots.   The document even provides sketches of recovered UFOs and our own craft we have built based upon them.

From there, we move into descriptions of the various flora and fauna of alien life visiting our planet.  That's right.  Multiple races according to this thing.  There are at least three types of "Greys" including their automatons, most of them don't care about us whatsoever and are only here for our bodily fluids (which they seem to need).  There are also blob-like beings, Nordics, insectoids, dwarfs, and even David Icke's lizard people.  In the case of the latter, I did appreciate the inclusion of newspaper clippings of the sightings of "Lizard Man" from 1988 as "evidence."  Eventually we even get to star charts that give the location of the aliens' home planets and a bit about their culture and history.

One high moment from this section: the author compares one race of aliens to the kind seen at the end of Close Encounters of the Third Kind...and then encourages us to see the Extended Edition as to get the full effect.  Good to know even a threatened and anonymous government whistleblower can still have cinematic standards. 

Not only are we being visited by aliens, but also by time travelers and "Ultra-terrestrials," non-corporeal beings formed in the center of quasars (scientifically impossible, but we'll keep going.) There are also beings from other dimensions in the "multiverse." These beings are described as being able to tailor their manifestations to their observer's beliefs.  This almost comes as a head nod to the work of Jacques Vallee, thus giving this text an "everything and the UFO kitchen sink" feel to it.  Basically, anything you've heard about the UFO phenomena?  Abductions, mutilations, crashed saucers, cover ups, time travelers, etc.?  It's all true. So there.

It's even got a section on Dulce Base and the underground tunnel network.  Talks about the seven floors of the base, the "Nightmare Hall" of hellish experiments on abducted humans, flash-guns, retina readers, and the shoot-out between aliens and members of US special ops.  About what you'd expect.

As you may have picked up on by now, I place almost zero stock in this supposed text.  For one, it's anonymous and offers next to nothing in the way of supporting evidence.  I know, if this were really material from inside a government UFO conspiracy, a) what evidence would there be and b) who would sign their name to it?  Secondly, there are misspellings and grammar errors throughout.  I know, that doesn't mean the information is false, but it does little for the anonymous author's professional credibility.  I mean, if they are supposed to be a scientist...

Finally, so many aspects of this texts have direct correlations to comic books.

I'm serious.  For one, the Greys are said to be here in part to find the secret of the "metagene." That can be found in DC Comics.  Ultra-terrestrials are code-named "Ultron." That's a villain from Marvel (one of my favorite villains by the way).  The civilization of Atlantis was supposedly so advanced because of alien assistance.  When the city sank, several denizens continued to live on underwater as a species called homo mermanus.  This is exactly the term used for Namor the Sub-Mariner's people in Marvel.  Likewise, alien experiments and the fall of Atlantis helped produce a race of beings called "Deviants," grotesque creatures that the image of mythical demons come from.  Once more, see Marvel.

This does not mean that the information provided in Blue Planet Project is patently false, but...come on.  It's not looking good, is it?  Unless someone wants to try that old chestnut of "leaking UFO information out through pop culture to 'condition' us."

Oy.  I'm going to have to find a serious, substantial UFO story to write about...and soon.

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  1. On Facebook, PR said: "That is great. I've saved it because I want to read more about The Blue Project. Have you ever read about the case of the Ilkley Moor Alien? I was reading about it last night. Quite interesting. The reason why I know there's something else out there is because twice I saw UFOs; once when i was 8 and another a couple of years ago, or even less, and this one day after I wrote my first post about aliens for my blog. Strange coincidence."

  2. Thanks, Peter! Yes, Blue Planet Project is an interesting story, but I'm afraid that's all it is. A story. I had not heard of the Ilkley Moor Alien, but after Googling it I believe it will have to be a post! I'd be interested in talking to you about your sightings. Be interested in doing an interview?

  3. This was a wonderful read, as it definitely sheds light on the erroneous and outstanding claims in the document. I have yet to read it, but just came across it today after watching a show called "Unsealed Alien Files." When it first mentioned "Blue Planet Project," I presumed it was referring to 'Project Blue Book', and so I began to research. I will read this document later, but thank you for the aformentioned analysis you've completed, as it will serve as a guide when reading.

  4. Become more knowledgeable about aliens and their plans for us by reading the “Blue Planet Project Book!”

    It is the notebook of a scientist who worked on a top secret US government program involving alien research. This document contains notes and drawings made by the scientist.

    This scientist visited various UFO crash sites, and the notes and drawings were allegedly made from those visits and was released before he disappeared.

  5. Government scientist reveals UFO & alien secrets and goes into hiding! Read his diary, view his drawings:

  6. Gil, I believe the key rhetorical term in your first comment is "allegedly."

  7. Blue Planet Project "Anonymous" author found after 19 years! But the mystery gets even deeper! Read the whole amazing news storystory...


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