Thursday, June 20, 2013

Star Trek crew meets the Legion of Super-Heroes

I have been informed by Dorkland! of a new release that I should have known about anyway.

IDW Comics has released a trade paperback edition that collects their crossover miniseries, Star Trek/Legion of Super-Heroes.  This storyline was quite a treat and I would seriously encourage fans of either franchise to get it ASAP.

I have blogged about the Legion before, detailing their bright and optimistic mythology within the DC Comics universe, right down to character names like Cosmic Boy and Lightning Lass.   But let's face it, Star Trek the original series was not short on optimism either.  The two really do gel together quite well.  Right down to Kirk mackin' on Shadow Lass and annoying banter between Spock and Brainiac 5.

So what brings these two universes together?  Actions on both sides draw each camp into the same parallel dimension.  They find themselves on an Earth that is under the control of The Imperial Planets of Terra.  It's not the "mirror universe," famous from the Star Trek episode "Mirror, Mirror"and for the "evil Spock's" goatee, but it's pretty close. This involves so many favorite villainous threats from both franchises, is as most often the case with these things.  Mordru, the Klingons, the Khund, and the Borg, and much more.  Likewise, the plot soon kicks into one with which most comic book fans will be familiar.  "We must work together to stop this for the sake of both our worlds!"

The downside here is one shared by most of the Star Trek films and by any other comic book with so many characters involved.  Old friends like McCoy, Scotty, and Uhura get shuffled to the back and there's just no way to get everybody's favorite Legion characters into the fore.  That said, it's just so much fun to see previously separate universes crossover and interact, but only when done well.  Things can often go quickly awry in the wrong hands.  This does not happen here.  I'm hoping that the quality of this comic and its sales will warrant further crossovers of these characters.

So head over to Amazon and do your part.  I am.

This delicious piece of art is done by J.K. Woodward.

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