Tuesday, June 29, 2010

David Icke: Threat or Menace?

Every field of study needs its mavericks.  Progress is made by those who continually challenge the accepted, who shake the pillars of conformity and resist stagnation, sometimes through wild theories of pure speculation and conjecture.
But there's a definite line between esoteric and crazy.  I leave it to you to decide upon which end of the continuum David Icke falls.

Meet David Icke.  Icke is a former soccer player and journalist from Britain.  In 1991, while on a visit to Puno, a pre-Inca burial site in Peru, Icke claimed to have had a mystical experience.  Fast-forward a few years and he begins to publish books, books that claim to tell exactly who and what are running the world and to what nefarious ends.  To Icke's way of thinking, humanity is the product of a breeding program set forth by the Annunaki, a race of reptoids from the planet Draco.

Quick aside: "Reptoids" have indeed been reported by those claiming to have had alien encounters.  This race of alien is said to be more malevolent in nature.  There are sporadic reports of people sighting bipedal reptile creatures or "lizard men" as in this dubious case in South Carolina.  An illustration of a purported "reptoid" appears at right via Wikipedia.  

These aliens have the human race inside a three-dimensional hologram that appears to us as a "five-sense illusion."  The only reality is the Absolute, a realm of intentionality, reincarnation, and multiple worlds traveling on similar but different frequencies. 
There is a shadow government that rules the world, composed of nefarious and Luciferian entities such as the Royal Family, The Bilderberg Group, the IMF, the UN, the Tilateral Commission, The Council on Foreign Relations, and maybe the Girl Scouts (that last one is my own addition, but there's just as much evidence for it as what he argues.  But I digress...)  These rulers are in fact, reptoids in disguise, capable of shape-shifting at will.  Icke is critical of religion, reserving special disdain for Christianity and offering a thinly concealed hatred of Jews.
Well if that isn't just an "everything and the kitchen sink" stew of conspiracy and Fortean phenomenon. Let's try to break this down, shall we?  
Reptoids: sure, they could exist.  If one accepts that one alien race is visiting the Earth, why not more?  Bipedal reptiles are not a far leap.  Scientists have speculated that such a race could have arisen right here on our world if the dinosaurs had not gone extinct.  Plus, they're a good choice for an antagonist in a myth arc.  People are scared of reptiles like snakes and with good reason.  Several of them are poisonous and an aversion to them is probably hardcoded into our DNA as a means of survival.  Just look at all ways in which art has drawn upon snakes as symbols of evil.  The entire mythology of the dragon probably arises from this.
Then there's the notion of "a matrix."  It's not too difficult see how such a thing could exist, as a metaphor if nothing else.  Societal norms, religion, government, they all serve to squeeze the individual into a matrix of "how things should be."  If you have attributes or inclinations that go beyond such parameters, you being to feel that something is not right.  This leaves you open to people like Icke.
I cannot see inside the man's mind or soul, so I cannot say for certain whether or not Icke really believes in what he is saying...or if he just found a product to market.  Because that's how he seems to me: a huckster, a Madison Avenue ad exec watching the cultural trends to see which product to pitch next, an opportunist looking for rubes, a New Age televangelist not too far afield from Jim Swaggert or Jerry Falwell.  If anything, he is reminiscent of Marshall Applewhite, the leader of the Heaven's Gate cult, many of whom committed suicide upon the appearance of the Hale-Bopp comet as they believed it a sign that a spacecraft was coming to pick them up.  I certainly hope that Icke's "ministry," "campaign," "ad blitz" or whatever you want to call it, does not have such destructive ends (and it should be noted that there is no indication thus far that it could.)
Say what you want about him, but I believe Icke really knows how to spot a business opportunity.  The late 1990s were a perfect time to launch his conspiranoia empire, what with UFO subjects back on the front burner thanks to pop culture memes such as The X-Files.  With glossy, eye-catching covers, Icke got his books out not just to "tell the truth," but to give the public a bit more of what they wanted.  Case in point: In 2001, Icke released his book Children of the Matrix, hot on the heels of the hit movie.  What does the cover of that one feature?  Green binary code scrolled down a black background...identical to Matrix movie posters.  Between book sales and public appearances, Icke sure has raked in the cash.  All while damaging those that wish to take endeavors such as UFO studies seriously.  
We live in troubled times.  People are out of work.  People are tussling with the ravages of mental and spiritual depression.   It would be great to pin the majority of our societal ills on evil alien overlords who look like reptoids and are all out to get us.  Rather convenient, really, providing a single, fixed target for the source of our afflictions.  I believe that this notion would especially resonate with the sick and with the disenfranchised young.  I think that Icke knows this. 

If you want to indulge in his baseless paranoia, be my guest.  Check his web page, read the material, and make your own decisions.  
Personally, I won't be impressed until he has his own theme park like von Daniken.

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  1. Hi Jon,

    First time to the blog. Nice writting here my friend. I see you like free thinking...cool. Count me in.

    Jon said..."Then there's the notion of "a matrix." It's not too difficult see how such a thing could exist, as a metaphor if nothing else. Societal norms, religion, government, they all serve to squeeze the individual into a matrix of "how things should be." If you have attributes or inclinations that go beyond such parameters, you being to feel that something is not right. This leaves you open to people like Icke.

    I cannot see inside the man's mind or soul, so I cannot say for certain whether or not Icke really believes in what he is saying...or if he just found a product to market."

    Interesting comentary. It's no longer just a notion of the Matrix...because we are in an actually Matrix. I'm not concerned about the end of the world stuff or the Universe collapsing (matrix) as we know it. I have realized through awareness, that what we are not seeing our real-selves, but a mirroring...because it's all lies. There is SCIENTICIC PROOF. It's called the "Holographic Universe" (string theory).

    See some information on here...


    You'll find it mind blowing when you really think about it.

    I'm not saying this is to convince anyone that this is true. Just look at the information and research it for yourself, it's profound knowledge that shake everything we have ever know. I am honored to live in this time of great conciousness, and in our future evolution.

    Many of the world's true experts, in several different fields of science, cultural, spiritual, etc... including David Icke, all are comming to a similar conclusion...we are CONSIOUSNESS and WISDOM. Our bodies, our Universe, are just a 3D perception (literally) of time, space, and a material world through a crystal brain. These are images or movies of our thoughts being manifestations to create this 3D Reality...just like a DREAM (another reality)!

    I believe that Icke does very much understand completely about his topic. He knows what he's speaks. I don't always agree with everthing he says because I feel he doesn't quite have all the pieces of the puzzle yet, but he's close.

    As for listening and believing Icke or people like him, sure, on selected information. Let's put it this way, I rather listen to him than, any president, most world leaders, Alex Jones type, our governement in general and about 98% of the so called Experts in business and banking, better know as the NWO or Bankster. :)


  2. Thanks for the kind words, Jedi.
    And welcome! Great to have a fellow Star Wars fan aboard!
    Also, thank you for respecting my thoughts on Icke just as I respect your choice to give him perhaps a bit wider latitude than I am prepared to do.
    I am very glad you brought up string theory. If you scroll down a bit to my post, "Of Membranes and Stickybuns," I am really trying to get my head around both String and Membrane Theories and want to learn more. As you'll read, I was educated in the particle theory and it's a bit tough to try to readjust my thinking to the way things actually seem to be.
    Scientific theories just keep getting overturned, don't they? Makes me wonder where a few academics get their know-it-all attitudes from.

  3. True dat.
    Made me think more of "V." Damn I loved that show.

  4. i use to think(back in the early oh ohs) that icke was a complete nutbar/charlatan with his stories of evil reptiles from outer space inhabiting the bodies of the everyone from the royal family to john d rockefeller but i've since come to think that evil reptiles from outer space inhabiting the bodies of various world leaders is as good an explanation (if not better) for the actions of the tony blairs, donald rumsfelds, dick cheneys and richard pearles of the world as any that i've heard in from any other source.

    evil aliens in control of leaders doing evil thing actually (if not tentatively) squares a few circles for me.

    icke may be in it for the money and not above co-opting a trend or two, neither of which necessarily mean he's making the whole thing up.

  5. Rick,
    Thanks for the comment. While I can't say for sure that Icke is wrong, all I can really state is that a few things don't sit right with me.
    That said, part of me wouldn't mind him being right. As you said, evil aliens in control would make for convenient answer. Maybe humanity really isn't the filth that I think it is (there'd be hope for us!) and all our atrocities were the result of alien manipulation. That would give me a clear, singular entity upon which to focus my resentment.

  6. For those of you that don’t think that there is no such thing as aliens, you need to wake up. There have been reptilians living amongst us for thousands of years, and there’s countless evidence to prove it. This video does a pretty good job of giving you a rough idea of what the Draconians are and how long they’ve been here. Their disguises utilize technology that is much more advanced than the technology that is available to the general public (which is usually 50 to 100 years behind what the human elite organizations such as DARPA have), but it is still not infallible. There have been many instances caught on tape when the moving features of their face (mouth and eyes) have a slight lag time to recalibrate to the sudden change in movement. Hence the appearances of reptilian eyes or tongues for split seconds. One of my buddies who also (happens to be quite adept in regards to the reptilians and what they’re all about) was filming a city council meeting for ventura county when he caught something like this. He posted some of the pictures at his website (they’re at http://anxiety.org if you want to check them out) although the quality isn’t as good as the one shot by the news network.

  7. "For those of you that don’t think that there is no such thing as aliens, you need to wake up."

    I'm going to guess you mean "those who think there are no aliens." I do believe there are aliens. I do believe that the UFO phenomenon is a real one and that aliens may be responsible for it. I am also giving serious consideration to the theories of Jacques Vallee and Mac Tonnies, which are non-ET but no less extraordinary in scope.
    I'm not a big supporter of Icke's theories...but seeing the behavior of world leaders is sometimes enough to get me wondering about Reptilians. Does your friend have any thoughts on the "Lizard Man" sightings in North Carolina from the 80s and 90s?


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