Wednesday, June 23, 2010

The Taos Hum

Have you ever had tinnitus?  It's a constant ringing sound inside one or both of your ears.  This can be brought on by long exposure loud sounds, e.g. rock concerts, or being congested due to a cold or sinus infection.  I have a very mild case of it and can usually hear the ringing at the fall of night when all is quiet (I hope) and I'm about to drift into a deep rem sleep.  For others, it is the product of a loud evening and the sound usually goes away in a day or so.
You can imagine that if this internal noise were louder or more constant, it could disrupt one's life and maybe even drive a person near madness.  That is exactly what has been happening in Taos, New Mexico.  
For years now, a few residents of that town have reported a low, droning hum in the background of their hearing.  It is constant, able to be heard anywhere at any time, but most likely to be heard while indoors.  Many hum experiencers report the hum actually getting louder depending upon where they are geographically in the town.  One enterprising "hearer" (as they call themselves) managed to make a recording of this noise via the use of special audio gear that can pick up very low frequencies.  The hum, which sounds to me like a diesel truck idling at the end street, peaks at a frequency of only 56 hertz. 
To say the least, hearers of the hum have lost sleep due to the noise, been harassed by its incessant presence, and doubted their own sanity after asking everyone they know "Do you hear that?  What do you mean you don't?"  And there's the rub.  Why have only certain people in the town been able to hear the hum?  Group psychology undoubtedly plays at least a small role.  If you ask someone "do you hear that?" you have already pre-positioned them to search for a noise, any noise. Plus, the nature of the town complicates for some the ability to believe the reports.  Taos has become a sort of unofficial hub of the New Age movement with many crystal devotees and people claiming to be spiritually in-tune with the frequencies of nature.  Add in the meme dispersal of the Taos Hum and you've got a winner.  
Still, a good many people who hear this hum are regular, work-a-day folks who just want the noise to go away.  Many studies have been conducted by Federal, academic, and civil groups.  Here are a few of the explanations that have been offered:

Tinnitus: While it sounds like a tidy explanation, this condition really doesn't work for the hum.  For one thing, it does not account for how the hum gets stronger in various locations.  Plus, the hearers have not been exposed to the type of noise necessary to cause tinnitus.  Many of them don't know one another and "group tinnitus" usually happens to people who were exposed to a loud sound together (again, think rock concert.)

Colliding ocean waves: Scientists have come across a set of infrasonic hums that were the result of ocean waves crashing together.  The sound travels into the seabed and is therefore transmitted across the Earth.  Bit far-fetched, but I guess it could happen.

ELF: Extremely Low Frequency.  These are communication signals that, as the name implies, inhabit the low end of the frequency scale.  The United States Navy uses ELF in order to communicate with submarines that are deeply submerged. Seawater conducts electricity and therefore submarines are too shielded to receive EM transmissions.  The exact extent to which ELF is utilized is classified. 
People exposed to ELF transmissions have indeed reported the type of hum encountered in Taos as well as bad headaches.  Curiously enough, some people seem to be more sensitive to ELF than others.  And there are numerous military installations throughout New Mexico.  My money's on this one.

Alien transmissions: An elite few residents of Taos have been chosen by the aliens to receive messages beamed directly into the cranium.  We humans just can't understand the packaging of the message, so our minds discard it as a monotonous hum.  Yeah, I'm leaving this one alone.

Other locales of the world have heard people complaining  a low hum, places such as New Zealand, Britain, and beautiful Kokomo, Indiana.  In the case of Kokomo, the noise was found to be from a cooling tower at the local Daimler-Chrysler plant.  The tower would tend to vibrate and send out a 36 Hz tone.  No such industrial facility like that exists in Taos. 
Whatever the source of the "hum,"  I hope that the people who keep hearing it will one day have relief and be able to reclaim the peace and quiet that we are all entitled to. 

Post Script: New Mexico's got it all, doesn't it?  I mean, if you're a Fortean researcher.  Corona, Los Alamos, Soccoro, Dulce, and of course, Roswell.  You could write a book on that state alone.  Any Strangers up for a road trip?  I'll have to see what kind of writing grants are out there...if any still exist in this economy.

Addendum: As ff the hums weren't bad enough, there is now a community that is experiencing random vibrations for no reason.  Underground military activity is suspected.  This from the Minneapolis Star-Tribune.

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  1. How about an industrial process? Some large machine that is producing a low frequency vibration that could be carried through the earth over some distance through the rock strata and possibly amplified by resonating through another medium near the people experiencing the hum? In the modern age we are surrounded by low frequency hums all the time from devices all around us. Refridgerators, air conditioners, washing machines, traffic, industrial equipment, electronics, etc. I believe we can be de-sensitized to these low frequency hums and that is why some people can hear it while others do not. The sound could also be so low in frequency that it is at the edge of the human range and since every human is different only some could hear it while others could not.

  2. You could be right, David. It wouldn't have to be in town itself, maybe just a few miles away. Although I saw something about household appliances being ruled out, but since the source didn't explain why, I did not include it.

  3. It's the frequency of the planet they are hearing. just like those high pitched tones we get in our ear, as we say, "ringing in the ears". When there are freguency changes in the planet, our hearing picks it up..some more than others.. After all, our crystal brains are frequency recievers (radio)...literally. The Earth's & the Universe's pulse or heart beat is speeding up. That's why we precieve time to go by faster now than we use to. It's not that the day is longer or ay different to a kid either. That's a myth. It seemed longer to us when we were kids, I'm in my late 50's, because it was.

    This type of planetary frequency cahnge and the universe is like aging human body. Aging speeds up in the end. We are near that end of the this illusion. Whe Matrix is going to fail, it was designed to. You see it failing now all around you, like an old man or woman in a hospital bed perishing in our sleep with out realizing it. Look...Earthquages, floods, volcanoes, twin towers, wars, disease (epic/biblical amounts), stavation, NWO, hurricanes, chemtrails, banking system failing, real estate crashing, stock market a mess, Elite hording everythings, people care more about truTV than curing cancer for pennies with information found on my blog (I need a tv show), religious bigotory, youth & adult apathy abounds, leagal drugs by our doctors to keep up dumb & depressed...sick & alive, governments & countries failing, etc...don't you see it? Should I go on? :)

    Look at history...all of it, it's leading up to the very plan that humanity has layed out for us several thousands years ago. NOT a "prediction", but a "plan" that is being executed as we speak. Now, this the planets death scene (including all of us), it's the next part of the plan (final movie) because the matrix or 3D ILLUION is coming to an end...just like a fucking bad dream...finally.

    They still think they have to keep you in the trance till we are gone.

    Well they think we are all in a trance? :)

    See the post: The MATRIX! 3D Illusion! Death! Wake-up! ... UPDATED 06.27.2010.

    Peace my friends.


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