Friday, June 4, 2010

I get around...I wish

I have lived my entire adult life in metro Chicago.  We have a joke in this locale that there are only two seasons: winter and construction.  Both snarl up the already teeming mass of motorvehicles making their way to jobs, dentist appointments, shopping malls, and bars across the local roadways.
When I get into "my shiny metal box" as Sting would say and undertake the commute to my job like all the other drones, I become one of those many drivers.  I have not one, not two, but three points in my commute where two lanes narrow down to one.  This prompts an invariable stock car-like jockeying to thwart the other drivers, prove you are the alpha male, and cut off or block out whomever happens to be in the other lane.  Fun times.  Not too tough to see why Chicago has such a high amount of a car crashes and road rage.  In fact, traffic and commuting are factors that have contributed to the city being labeled as "One of the most unlivable areas," or something to that effect.  And my commute is a piece of cake compared to most.
While stuck at a Metra train crossing the other day, I began to fantasize about what kind of vehicle I'd rather be in for taking on these "mean streets."  Here's my short list:

1) The Batmobile.
If this ain't the grandaddy of all fantasy rides, I don't know what is.  Self-sealing tires, thick armor, and a top speed that rivals an Indy car.  I could drive it to the worst areas of the community I work in, place it in park, and holler out "Shoot all you want, thugs.  Won't make a difference."   Then hit them with the tear gas.  Thoughts like that keep me warm at night.

2) The Mach 5.  
Built for speed and loaded with as many gadgets as a Bond car but with a far more elegant design.  Always liked the hummingbird robot with the camera relay.  I could fit the car with metal bars that shoot out from the sides and the rear.  Would cut down on tailgating and safeguard me from someone changing lanes without looking.  Dope.

3) A "flying car" from Blade Runner
Why deal with traffic at all if you can just fly over it?  Would seem a nifty solution.  Besides, weren't we all promised flying cars by now?  Just not in the kind of society that Blade Runner took place in?  Frighteningly enough, I think we're closer to that lifestyle than we are to those cars.

4) The "sport model." 
Oh who am I kidding?  I want the recovered UFO that Bob Lazar supposedly worked on at Area 51.  The anti-gravity drives might be cool, but I'm not sure I could drive it without the aura of its previous occupants giving me the heebie jeebs.

Pics of the Batmobile and the Mach 5 are from Wikipedia.
The flying car is from Forbidden Planet UK
Lazar's UFO is from UFO Database

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  1. I would want one of the speeder bikes from Jedi.

  2. Yeah! Then I could just weave down the center line like those jerks on motorcycles do.
    How about, folks? What would your ride be?

  3. Hmmm...let's go totally futuristic and just telaport. Now that way you can avoid all the traffic, except maybe a line waiting to telaport if it was an everyday popular mode of transport, like subways or buses.

    Now for some interesting insite...

    "There is no such thing as time and space, just a 3 dimensional light illusion simulating something called time and space.

    When we can be manipulated to leave the present moment, the seduction of the thought-energy-light illusion is able to control our strength and power. Staying in the present moment of awareness allows us to reconnect to our original state.

    We’re no longer manipulated to be concerned over the past or the future. Since time is non-existent, then concern for the past or future is to forfeit your awareness for something that doesn't exist. Only the present moment exists. Staying in the moment, by simply watching & waiting, not reacting ever, reconnects us to reality, allows us to take back our power from this luciferian egregore group of thinkers.

    The MANIPULATION, by the 3 dimensional physical state of everything is nullifie, as we connect to the eternal state of awareness, that state of NO-THING ­ that state of no 3 dimensional thing, which in turn, is nothingness. Our power & strength, our wisdom and knowing, exists in the moment before thought.

    We have no thoughts of our own. All thoughts are implanted by the perpetual motion set into play from the beginning of creation. We are taught to believe that a thought can originate with us. It can’t. The 3 dimensional system implants all our thoughts so that we then experience the reality they, the luciferian thinkers, want us to have. Reconnect to wisdom. Watch and wait."

    That's something to think about, isn't it? I'm not saying this is 100% correct, but it actually (unfortunately) makes sense. I only say..."unfortuntely" because what I have research over the years, are many topics & discover knowledge that has completely changed everything I was ever been taught & I see everything very differently. It not all bad & knowing what I now know. But the fact that the NWO exists & plan to kill off about 6 Billion people over the next several years has become real. Now I know how & why this will happen, so I can actually do something about it for myself and other who want to learn.

    So all the people out there are being simplely distracted with a semi-brown President, loss of jobs, the economy, WTC Attack, Drugs killing us, chemtrails, One World Gov to come, oil rig disaster, H1N1, etc. It's all a controled scam & I can prove much of it.

    I will tell you, that I have actually found cures for things like Cancer & HIV but my own friends & family won't listen. Yepe having the power or knowledge to save lives or improve health but they are so brainwashed, they will only do what ever the Doctor tells them to do, (even if it kills you slowly with nasty drugs) except look after their health naturally. Make no sense does it? - DS888

  4. @Darkstar, Can you post the Cancer and HIV cures and the results of the clinical trials or any info on patients cured?

    @Jon, how about working from home?

  5. How about the van from The A-Team? I'd love to see B.A. give in to "road rage." If you got really upset, you could just throw open the doors and fire AR-15's and Ruger Mini-14's out the back


  6. @darkstar I'm interested in the alternative remedies you mentioned. Do you happen to have articles on them? I've often suspected that there is far more money to be made in treating symptoms than curing the disease.

    @david One day, maybe. In the real world of our current economy, I'm lucky to working at all.

  7. @Bernard Good call on The A-Team van. Excited for next weekend? :)

  8. Yes Jon,

    Much of the information is already posted on my blogs. There are labled & I can certain comunicate with you here with a few links to help but you need to take a little time to sift through the material. Ask me questions, even email me if you like. An email link is on The DarkStar. Jedi with have more health realted material.

    I have found at least 4 modalities....ready for's so fucking simply it makes me sick to think that millions of people are diseased & dieing UNNECCESSARILY. Truthfully, it pisses me off big time. That's why I write on the blog & publish others material to expose truth & a sense of reality to wake people up, to realease my anger.

    1) HEMP OIL with high concentrations of TCH cures Cancer in about 3-4 months. See the whole story about Rick Simpson on my blog. This stuff is real & it works.

    Why else would the Government of Canada try so hard to arrest & to but Rick Simpson in jail for guess what...GIVING, yes giving away, free of charge, pure hemp oil he grows & gives to people to cure many diseases, not just cancer. See for yourself, you decide.

    2) Ready for this little baby...H2O2
    Yes 35%, food grade Hydrgen Perxoide & or O3 or Ozone. Ozone is much less stable so I use H2O2.

    Hydrogen peroxide is one of the few simple miracle substances still available to the public. Its safety & multiple uses ranks it right up there with DMSO. If you've never used either of these compounds you are overlooking two of the most powerful healing tools ever discovered. Most of us started on hydrogen peroxide shortly after birth. Not only does mother's milk contain high amounts of H202, the amount contained in the first milk (colostrum) is even higher. This seems only reasonable now that we know one of its main functions is to activate and stimulate the immune system. I tell new Mothers al the time, how important it is. No, these idiot would rather give dead food to babies from a so called Formula. We don't need it...nature really provide well here.

    Simple math...for why H2O2
    Human Body...70-73% water...H20
    H2O oe water...contains 89% Oxygen by weight
    Therefore our human bodies are approx...62-65% Oxygen.

    Now the interesting part. When you consume proper amount into the body, it raises the oxygen high enough in the blood & body (can't do this with O2 Tanks & Nebulizors), no know virus, bacteria or pathogen can live/survive in an oxygen rich enviornment. The cool part is, while the oxygen kills all bad bacteria, it leaves the body's good bacteria alone. Why, because every cell in the human body has certain protective emzymes that the H2O2 doesn't hurt those cells but kills the nasty shit that doesn't belong every disease know to man. Check it out.

    Here is a 2 part series to read.

    There more. I'll be back later. Take care.

  9. Oh by the way David,

    I had to laugh a little when you asked for Clinical trials. You see, you don't want the drugs that are done in clinical trails...trial have all been manipulated, all of it. The stuff I have reserach may or may not, to sell drug for profit. If they cured you, no one would need drugs, therfore now revenue. Sorry to be blund, but that's fact. Take a look at some of the blog articles on Jedi. These are about drug scams. Oh & the Government knows but they don't care.

    Actual medical trials aren't needed but a common sense study & excellent medical practice is what we need. I'd rather listen to Dr. Rowan or Bruce West, or Dr Mercola before I'd listen to clinical trails supervised by the FDA (Funded Drug Agency is you ask me). The reason why, is that theses Dotors have used the treatments on thousands of patience over 20-30 years and they actually know what works and what doesn't and is rarely a new drugs or even new dicoveries. H2O2 has been know for it's uses over 100 years. It get supressed because there is no money in a $20 1 liter bottle of hydrogen perodide that last for about year for a human.

    But there is always lots of evidence & proof in the reseacrh & when you see people heal. They normally wouldn't have on stupid drugs that don't work. Actually they do work for the purpose intentant, to keep us sick & alive...think about that.

    I will only recomend things that are safe & used properly.

    Ok, I'm beat from thinking for now & it's late. I'll be back. :)

  10. @Darkstar thanks for the post. I really do need to go check out your blogs.

    Oh and one more dream vehicle for traffic: a giant ant.

    Wow this thread is going further than I had expected. Cool!

  11. @Darkstar... a clinical trial, like other studies, is standard scientific practice. When you have initial evidence that a drug has a desired effect, you then begin a trial to test the remedy on a variety of different patients to determine effectiveness, side-effects, and other unintended consequences. It io basic scientific method. I would have a great deal of distrust for anyone who claimed that their "cure" did not need proper testing.


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